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East West North South North East, southwest, fire, sky and Hades are the ten directions, consider Hades as a basement. The sky is the roof. Energy resides in all these directions. You do not need deep knowledge of astrology to understand which place is good for you. Just keep reading this post till the end.

I worked thrice in MNC and I don’t know how many times I saw my position in small office. Looking at my career history of twelve years, it was found that whenever I worked in the South East, I spent more time in that company.

What is the secret of directions and energy, it will tell your horoscope, but now you look at the history of your life. With the help of a compass, you have to find out where you spend most of the day? W

hat is the name of that direction? Now go through your history and remember your good times, in which direction did you spend maximum time at that time?

Maybe your good times are going on in the present too but it does not matter whether your time is good or bad. You just have to choose the best direction for yourself whether it is in present or in your history.

A woman was doing sewing work for the last thirty years. Renovated the house ten years ago and shifted my work place from South West to North East. Today the work is less than half done.

Now let’s talk about business.

Those who are big businessmen know that not only day and night hard work is required to build a business but it also requires far-sighted thinking and right energy. Right energy means your performance.

Find in which direction the front of your office is facing. It is not necessary that your work is of account, then only the direction of Mercury should be in the north.

  • East and South East are good for people with strong Sun.
  • North-West direction is best for people with strong Moon.
  • People with Mars should choose South direction.
  • North direction is best for people with strong Mercury.
  • North East is the direction for a strong Guru.
  • If Venus is strong then southeast is good for you.
  • If Saturn is auspicious then it will be good in the west direction.
  • If Rahu is auspicious then South-West direction is best.
  • If Ketu is auspicious then stay anywhere but do not choose ground floor or basement.

Now the question arises that if the office cannot be changed daily, then the answer is that change your sitting direction and see.

How to know the right direction for yourself?

For this, some knowledge of birth chart is required. In the horoscope, see which of your planets is not only of friend zodiac, self or exalted but also its degree is within ten to twenty degrees.

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