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Have you ever wondered how our good planets start giving bad results when we do karma. What do we do in daily life that spoils our planet? Which planet is bad, how and by taking care of what we can save our planets from getting bad? We are going to discuss the points given below in this post.

  • How the sun is angry
  • How does the moon give low results?
  • Why does Mars become bad?
  • How do we make the auspicious results of Mercury inauspicious?
  • Due to which actions Jupiter is bad
  • Due to which works the planet Venus is bad
  • How does Saturn become bad?
  • How do we destroy Rahu?
  • How do we make Ketu bad?
  • Why planets become bad?

There must be some result of doing any action in life. Because you yourself make your planets good and your planets bad. Let us know which planet is bad by doing this work.

How the Sun is angry?

If you get up late due to excessive laziness and make a huge mess in income tax, damage government things, then you will not get the auspicious results of the Sun, if it will happen in very less quantity. Moon weakens your moon by wasting water and food in vain, taking too little bath or not taking bath also weakens the moon.

How the Moon is angry?

Moon is the causative planet of the mind and the one who meets the mind is called a friend, so even by breaking a friendship or by offending a friend, the moon is spoiled.

How does Mars weaken?

Blood relations are done by the planet Mars, the causative planet of younger brother is Mars, if there is estrangement in blood relations and the matter reaches to break the relationship, then Mars becomes weak, so the relationship should never be so bad that the relationship itself break down
A crippled and limbless person should not abuse or speak bad, hurting someone with the use of weapons, all these things spoil the planet Mars.

How bad is Mercury?

If the relationship with sister, aunt and daughter deteriorates, then Mercury becomes weak, so take care of these relations also, Mercury is bad even if you do not take care of teeth properly, then do not ignore it if there is any problem related to the skin. It weakens, do not give wrong education to anyone, do not harm anyone cleverly, all these things spoil Mercury.

How is Jupiter bad?

We also spoil this planet by our own mistakes. Jupiter is also bad due to non-repayment of loan or taking wrong interest.

How Venus is angry?

Being capable, not helping women, being too lazy, wearing dirty or torn clothes, commenting on someone’s appearance or color, keeping secret enmity with women, all these things spoil the planet Venus.

How Saturn is bad?

Selling leather or iron, doing dishonesty in Naaptol, harassing a quadruped animal, saying bad things to old people, taking advantage of one’s physical weakness, being the cause of one’s mental trouble, stealing
Due to all these actions, the planet Saturn is angry.

How our Rahu is bad?

Avoid misbehaving with the sweeper because it gives bad results to Rahu, hating a friend, gambling, drinking someone’s false liquor, having relations with a woman older than yourself, being angry with the in-laws, blaming someone falsely, donating steel utensils Or stealing grains by taking it as a gift or buying grains in number two, drinking free liquor, obstructing one’s work, all these actions spoil the planet Rahu and suddenly the result of Rahu is seen.

Why does Ketu become bad?

Fake police complaint by killing rats, for being an informer, by defaming someone, by spreading pollution, by doing incomplete sadhana, by marrying a non-caste woman, by taking money from the temple, for flouting someone’s trust, for not being invited to two people.

By making someone drink false liquor by fighting in the house, by burning workable things, by breaking the new construction, by breaking the new construction, the planet Ketu gets spoiled and starts giving very bad results.

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