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Young people these days are very worried about their marriage. This is our data of the last 3 years showing that many people in Corona want to know the date of their marriage. People who are trying for marriage as per our data base their age range from twenty years to twenty five years.

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After all, how did so much concern for marriage arise? Were people worried about their singles being left behind due to the corona pandemic? Was the world about to end? Anyway, people requested for marriage predictions and most of them are yet to complete their studies.

Eagerly want to ask when will I get married ?

Why are you so panic to get married? There are strong reason behind. People are in a hurry for marriage because of these reasons….

  • The health of the parents is not good.
  • Grandfather or some elder in the house is waiting for your marriage so that you can get married while he is alive.
  • Some young people want to marry their partner so that no one else steals this opportunity from them.
  • Some people want to get married because of the delay in the marriage of other brothers and sisters because of the delay in marriage.
  • Some girls feel that they want freedom from the pressure of their parents, so they want to get married. This happens when the parents or other members of the household are too dominant over the girl.
  • Some people need the help of their in-laws.
  • Some people have been told by astrologers that after your marriage, your luck will shine.
  • Some people want to get married to serve their parents.
  • Some girls want to get married to make their lover feel jealous.
  • Similarly, some people want to forget their girlfriend by marrying in another place and show their girlfriend that your decision was wrong.

Planetary combinations for exact marriage age prediction

By the way, whatever is your reason for getting married, we will tell you through astrology how the planetery combinations are responsible for getting married early is formed.

A recent study tells, If you are born Gemin or Virgo, you will get married before the age 23. There is reason behind this. People ruled by Mercury have fast life. They gets everything in life so early. And if the horoscope also have Mercury in strong position, the chances of marriage in early age more assured.

The people who have strong Moon in horoscope, gets married before the age 24. The reason behind is almost like Mercury but difference is Moon gives results around the age 22 to 24.

The people who have Sun in good position in horoscope, gets married in the age 25. Doesn’t matter what other planet says. The strong reason is Sun, Moon and Mercury gives their effect before the age 26. The last is age 28.

The main logic is Fast and Slow planets effect in your horoscope. Fast Planets are Moon, Mercury, Sun, Venus and Mars. If these planets are in main lead, your life events are faster than others.

Slow planets are Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter. If your horoscope has the major effect of all these planets, your life begins with slow growth & you gets your goals late almost in every aspect of life.

GuruVedic Predictions



If you want to know your exact time of marriage we can help with our knowledge, What you need to do is send your birth details using the form below & we shall give you a sample marriage prediction for free in email.

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