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Navratri is a 9-day long festival being celebrated with great fervor and devotion in Hindu households. 

Translating to “nine nights”, it marks the worshipping of the nine forms of Goddess Durga on the nine days of Navratri. Each day is dedicated to worshipping one of these forms of ma Durga. This event honors and celebrates Goddess Druga’s victory over the demon Mahishasura. 

Ma Durga represents compassion, glory, power, and wisdom. She showers prosperity and courage to her devotees. 

However, it is important to know how to do Devi pooja this Navratri. Keeping this in mind, here we have suggested the exact rituals and customs be practiced for Navratri pooja. 

What to Do While Doing Devi Pooja in Navratri

For doing Navratripooja, place a picture or idol of Ma Durga along with a lighted lamp. Offer fruits, dry fruit, or two beetle leaves to the Devi ma. Also, offer some dishes such as Pede (पेड़े), halwa, or Prasad you prepared for puja to the Devi.

Afterward, sit in deep meditation and remember the Devi from the heart. Don’t let your mind divert to your problems or other disturbing thoughts. Once you feel that your mind is focused and calm, invite the Goddess by saying that “Devi, you are welcome”. Imagine the Devi is standing in front of you.  

Also, request the Goddess to accept your offerings such as sweets, beetle leaves, or Prasad you prepared for the Devi pooja in Navratri.   

But Don’t Ask the Devi Ma to Fulfill Your Wishes…..

Imagine that the Devi is standing in front of you and has accepted your offerings. Now, request the Goddess to reside in your home during these Navratras by saying—“O Goddess, reside here in these Navratras. This is my only request to you.” 

Requesting in this way can please the Goddess. But keep in mind that avoid asking the Devi to grant your any wish, even after the nine days of Navratras worship. 

All you need to request the Devi ma to stay in your house. If the Devi ma resides in your house, your all wishes will be fulfilled. Even if you don’t ask for anything, the Devi ma will fulfill your all wishes. This is what we call devotion without selfishness. And such devotees are successful to please the god. Always remember the name of the goddess during the Navratri. 

One more thing—make sure to recite this mantra throughout the Navratripooja…

ॐ एं ह्री क्ली चामुंडाए विच्चे

Mantra of Chamunda Devi

The point is here to worship the goddess with your pure devotion and avoid making a wish. 

Doing Devi pooja in Navratri this way will fulfil your all wishes. 

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