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We cannot call any horoscope good or bad. People often ask, is our horoscope bad or good. The answer to this question cannot always be the same. Because time always changes.

Today is a good time, tomorrow it can be bad. Either there is nothing good or bad. Such sad times can come. So in life we ​​have to understand that time depends on our actions, on our efforts.

In this article, we will understand what is special in a horoscope. How do we see that a horoscope belongs to a particular person? This horoscope is of an artiste, who is an all-rounder (Producer, Director and Singer). He has a lot of talent. Which planets make him like this?

If we look only at the birth of the Ascendant, then it will be almost difficult to find out what is the real occupation of this person. The lord of the second house is in a very weak position. And Saturn has a low vision on the second house, so the person’s background is not from a good house.

He is a struggling man. But when the Drekkon Chakra was seen, it came to know that the person would do work related to Venus. This is the work related to Venus. (film industry).

Given below is also the horoscope of an artist who belongs to the film industry. The 5th house and Venus are important in the film industry. The 5th house is very strong in the horoscope of the native.

Real Estate:-

What is special in this horoscope. For people working in real estate, the 4th house of the horoscope, Mars and Saturn is important. In this Kundli, the lord of the 4th house, Moon is in the ninth house and the lord of the ninth house is in the fourth house. This transformation yoga is important. Apart from this, Jupiter is exalted. That’s why he is in the real estate sector.

Jupiter occupies an important place in the horoscope of an HR manager. Jupiter is the essential component to handle the management work. In this Kundli, Jupiter is situated in the eleventh house and the parts of the Guru are also in the middle of the Navamsa, which makes him a successful HR manager.

The things worth paying special attention to in any birth chart, whether there are exalted planets or debilitated planets, all this does not happen. Rather, the consistency of planetary positions makes the horoscope different. It makes sense that consistency works in astrology as well.

The more random planets you have, the more complicated your life becomes. If the planetary positions in your horoscope are sequential, then you are a special person.

If all the planets are present in any one element in your horoscope then you are a special person. If the degrees of the planets in your horoscope are in a certain ratio, then you are a special person.

For Example :-

If all the planets in your horoscope are within 10 to 20 degrees, then the high and low planets do not matter. You will have a special personality. If there are many planets in one place in your birth chart, then this position also makes your horoscope special. If all the planets are sitting alone in your horoscope, then your horoscope is special.

All the laws of astrology work together. Not all the laws of astrology work independently. Rather, the planets form a special yoga with each other. If Venus is situated in the center of the exalted zodiac in your horoscope, then Malavya Yoga is formed. But not all persons with Malavya Yoga are wealthy and Lakshmipati.

If Mars is exalted or in the center of the sign in your horoscope, then Ruchak Yoga is formed.

But it is not necessary that you should be recruited in the police. We have seen people of Ruchaka Yoga only doing simple private jobs. That’s why no rule of astrology works alone. In this way we can say that a person with a particular birth chart does not need to see the horoscope.

Rather, the people who see the horoscope themselves analyze their horoscope. Horoscope is not special, you have to become special. The horoscope will automatically become special.

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