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Your horoscope is composed of 12 houses that are the blueprint of your past, present, and future. Each house represents the specific characteristics as well as the circumstances you are likely to encounter in life.

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And one of those houses is the 3rd House. The 3rd house is the house of communication, siblings, intelligence, habits, interests, and journeys in one’s life. Moreover, the third house also defines the “divine energy” within you as well as represents your aura. 

In other words, the third house is used to determine if you have something extraordinary. 

The third house is also the house of your talent and skills. For example, some batsmen in cricket are known for their strong defense which is due to the certain characteristics in their third house. The ability to hit the target well in your third house can make you a good bowler. 

The point is here that the third house determines your talent and skills. 

Likewise, the third house also represents your weakness. Even a strong person has a certain weakness that could be defined by his third house. 

All these characteristics in the third house are influenced by the presence of certain planets. This is what we are going to discuss in this blog.

Sun in the Third House:

Having the sun in your third house makes you lucky. Even a rowdy or dominating person will bow down to you. In fact, your ever-increasing dominance and power will make people jealous but they won’t be able to do anything bad to you. 

Whereas association with you can end someone’s troubles, those who enmity with you will be in grave trouble.

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Moon in the Third House:

The presence of the moon in your third house is also an auspicious sign. You are likely to have an alliance with emotional people or women. You are likely to know the secrets of women in your circles.  

You are sure to have a friend at every stage of your life. 

Mars in the Third House :

Having Mars in your third house makes you an expert at what you choose. Your potential will help you surpass all the contemporary rivals.

You will make quick and unmatchable progress in life which is worth talk about. Your all tasks will be completed on time without any delay. Well, this is the beauty of Mars which erupts from the third house.


Mercury in the Third House:

It links you to politics, even if you are not a part of active politics or lack interest in the first place. This is because your connection will be automatically formed with the people involved in politics. You can get your work done easily. 

Jupiter in the Third House:

Jupiter in the third house makes you rich and happy. Your fortune will rise after your marriage. There will be a great turning point in your life, which will give you the most happiness in the form of your son. Your son will be one step ahead of you in terms of intelligence and resources. 

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Venus in the Third House:

The presence of Venus in the third house is not considered auspicious. It can make a person develop extramarital affairs with women. 

If there is Venus in the third house in your horoscope, then I will give you a piece of advice that there is no friend in life, no one is your own, and you will realize this at every step. Money is your only “friend” who will help you in trouble.

Saturn in the Third House:

While having Saturn in your third house can be inauspicious, you can make a progress in your life. But this progress will trouble your family and friends throughout your life. Keep in mind that you are the only friends of yours. 

Rahu in the Third House:

Rahu makes you unpredictable for people, especially when it comes to predicting your habits, actions, and ability. People have no idea of your skills and power, deterring them to harm you. And this will be quite beneficial as you can play your game discreetly as people won’t have any idea what you are up to. 

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Ketu in the Third House:

Believe it or not, but you will have a divine power every time in your life. Maybe you find a good mentor or guru to make your life meaningful. You will do things differently from others. The divine power will protect you in every adversity. 

Divine power means not only the deity but the ancestors or spirits of the house who can act as your protector. 


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