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We are starting the weekly forecast for our users. This forecast is made by one of our experienced astrologers. For personalized predictions please email us your birth details at & you can expect detailed personalized predictions & forecasts.

This forecast is valid from 29 Aug 2021 to 04 Sep 2021

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Aries Weekly Forecast

Aries Weekly

At the start of this week, you may receive some good news. In the mid of this week, you may finalize a business deal. At the end of the week please stay careful about your health, there is a possibility of getting injured.

Taurus Weekly Forecast

Taurus Weekly

There could be some hurdles in your long-term problems but stay fearless, just the way you are always. Stay away from artificial people. With some precautions, you will stay fine this week. No problem to your health it seems.

Gemini Weekly Forecast

Gemini Weekly

The start of the week is going to be fine and peaceful. In the mid of this week, you may get some financial help if you are seeking it from anywhere. At the end of the week also there is a possibility of financial gain. Overall a financially beneficial week for you. Stay away from outside food to have good health this week.

GuruVedic Predictions



Cancer Weekly Forecast

Cancer Weekly

Start or the week you will have a very good mood, as the week progresses, there are chances to meet your soulmate. If you are already in a relationship, it will get stronger this week. This week is filled with love for you. The workplace is may show steady growth this week. You might suffer from a little headache.

Leo Weekly Forecast

Leo Weekly

Try to stay calm this week, your arrogance can put you in some trouble. This could lead to series of problems the entire week. To avoid this, try to stay away from any negativity and fights. Be cordial with your office colleagues, arrogance could halt your promotion. Health is going to be sound probably.

GuruVedic Predictions



Virgo Weekly Forecast

Virgo Weekly

This week you might have to go away from your family for a few days for office assignments. You may get rewarded for your work at the workplace, overall a fruitful week workwise, but a little feeling of worry towards family. Health will be good.

Libra Weekly Forecast

Libra Weekly

Stay away from any false people, you are anyways careful towards fake people. But this week you have to take special precautions to protect yourself from any fraud. The end of the week will be spent happily. Take special care of your eyes.

GuruVedic Predictions



Scorpio Weekly Forecast

Scorpo Weekly

Don’t keep your emotions hidden in your mind this week, expressing may help you build new milestones in your relationships. Mid of the week if any misunderstandings are there between you and your family members, it will go away and by the end of the week, there will be a lot of peace. The business will have mixed results. Meditate for mental peace.

Sagittarius Weekly Forecast

Sagittarius Weekly

A week full of happiness & opportunities, all the opportunities this will turn out to be useful & you will be appreciated by everyone. Financially also a sound time this week. Just leg pain could be an issue.

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Capricorn Weekly Forecast

Capricorn Weekly

The start of the week could be emotional turmoil for you. Stay away from any conflicts at home, slowly from the mid of the week, things will fall in place & there will be peace in family & workplace. Eat carefully, stomach upset is possible.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast

Aquarius Weekly

This week’s investments will give you good results, but still don’t be overconfident. Mid of the week you might get news related to your promotion. Family time is also going to be good. Healthwise you will feel energetic.

Pisces Weekly Forecast

Pisces Weekly

Looks like you may have a nice family get-together this week. Everyone in the family will be happy with you. The possibility of a new job is there this week. Healthwise take care of your skin for any rash-related problems.

GuruVedic Predictions



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