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Friends here is your weekly forecast according to your moon signs. We hope it helps you. Have a great week!

Aries Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Aries Weekly

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This week may be a testing period of your patience & determination; seniors at your workplace may doubt your potential, because of which promotion could go on hold temporarily. Because of the mental stress, you may remove your anger on your family members, resulting in a bad fight. Your health will be good, but because of stress, you might feel feverish all week. But don’t worry, you may still overcome all the issues soon. Going for a long walk may help you destress.

Taurus Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Taurus Weekly

This week, you may become a relationship counselor for someone in your family or friend circle. You may help them in overcoming their relationship. It could be a little negative on the work front, but your calm behavior might work in your favor at work. Court cases might trouble you and your family members. Health seems to be very nice the whole week. Try to stay away from any roadside fights this week.

Gemini Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Gemini Weekly

This week looks filled with romance for you. You may decide to go on a romantic holiday this weekend with your life partner. You may try to put office responsibility on someone this week, but be careful while selecting the person or work a little from your holiday. Other family members may also be very happy with you. Just take special care of your legs this week; you may have a cramp in your leg. But it will recover very quickly.

Cancer Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

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Cancer Weekly

A very good time may be coming this week at work; any prevailing problems might get solved, and your work will be appreciated. Relationship with family members might also start getting better in this week; stay calm. You may face issues related to headache and eyes, you may have to get your specs power checked if you are already using specs, and if you don’t use specs, you may have to start using one from now.

Leo Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Leo Weekly

This week, things may be two ways for you, mixed with good and bad both. Even though you may welcome the good nicely, you may not react correctly to the bad news. You will have to prepare yourself mentally. Your ego may become the point of worry in this week. Family members may also give you the cold shoulder because of your egoistic behavior. Take care of your stomach, avoid eating out; eating out may cause food poisoning to you.

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Virgo Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Virgo Weekly

This week, you might get a call for an interview from your desired workplace. You will be happy because of this, but there might be unwanted fights at home as the week proceeds. Try to avoid these fights as they may affect your interview. There may be problems between you and your life partner. But if you succeed in keeping a positive approach throughout this week, things may get better. Health is going to be great physically.

Libra Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Libra Weekly

This week could be a little demotivating for you; nothing may work in your favor at work or home. Physically also, you may be down from the start of this week; body pain will trouble you. Try to meditate; it may help you. If possible, try to avoid doing any business deal, as it may turn useful in the near future. Avoid any conflicts with your family, as this week; you require a lot of positivity. Don’t eat cold also; there may be a possibility of viral fever.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Scorpo Weekly

This week, try to reflect on your past and learn from any mistakes you have made. Doing this may turn very useful in this week, try to control your impulses also, you may end up spending on some unnecessary things. Things may be great at work; you may have to manage your matters at home. Stay careful while talking with anyone; your speech might hurt someone at home. Be careful; you may injure yourself because of a possible fall from the staircase.

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Sagittarius Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Sagittarius Weekly

It looks like you may be financially weak this week; some sudden and unavoidable expenses may put you in this situation. But at the same time, things may worsen; if someone asks you for a loan, your generous behavior may not allow you to say no, increasing your financial weakness more. Otherwise, family time might be spent very well the entire week. Health may be good too.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Capricorn Weekly

This week may be a very fruitful week for you and your family; if you had appeared for any examination, you might get a very great result. The family members may be happy with you in general. Working people may also get news of promotions. Money will be stable. If you had issues in married life, they might get solved. Just eat carefully, as you might face issues due to gases.

Aquarius Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Aquarius Weekly

You may not have to worry a lot this week, as opportunities may come running towards you. If your daughter’s marriage was not being fixed, it might get fixed this week. Your respect for the family may increase due to some social service done by you. Sibling’s bond may get better this week. Money may also give favorable results. Just avoid any trekking adventure; you might get your leg twisted. Otherwise, it looks like a possibly great week.

Pisces Weekly Forecast – 3rd Week

Pisces Weekly

Don’t keep sulking in mind; it may cause mental stress to you. If possible, try to solve the issue by talking to someone close to you or focusing on chanting God’s name; it may help you calm down. You may travel to your native this week. Traveling may make you happy. At work, things may fall in place; any pending file may get cleared. The family atmosphere can be calm. Just take care of any physical pain, as you may have a swelling issue this week.

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