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Here is your weekly forecast for the dates of 6th September to 13 September 2021. Hope you are referring to your moon sign & you are well known about the Moon sign.

Aries Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Aries Weekly

It seems this week is going to be a bag of mixed results for you. Your Business could be on a rising side the entire week, but still, you have to be careful; your enemies could be planning something to bring down your respect in the society. Family members may become a major support system for you. Don’t eat too much sweet this week; you may suffer from toothache.

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Taurus Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Taurus Weekly

Looks like this week is going to be very positive for you. You may also go on a small family vacation on the weekend. Overall it may be a very happy family time for you this week. You may be bestowed with a big responsibility at work, but there might be few hurdles while completing this responsibility, but in the end, it will be all good. Overworking can strain your eyes and cause eye pain.

Gemini Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Gemini Weekly

You may have to keep your humor in control this week, as it may cause misunderstandings. The office atmosphere can be a little straining, but things will get better as the week proceeds. The family member may bring some work-related prospects for you; try to grab this opportunity as it may turn very fruitful. Health is going to be great; that will help you sail through this week a little easier.

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Cancer Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Cancer Weekly

Don’t allow your emotions to control you this week as they always do. We understand it is difficult for you to control your emotions, but if you try to stay a little practical and a little focused, it may open a lot of doors of opportunities for you, eventually boosting your career path. Things will be smooth with your family members; just control your anger. Emotional turmoil may cause mental distress.

Leo Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Leo Weekly

This week, you may get some good news related to childbirth and also regarding work. As the week proceeds, you may also feel very relaxed and energetic because of the news you may get at the start of this week. Stay away from any recreational drugs; it could land you in a problem. Any past misunderstandings between the family members can be sorted by talking to them peacefully without any ego. Exercising will help your physical health.

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Virgo Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Virgo Weekly

This week, you may find that perfect person you have been waiting for for a long time. Your marriage can be fixed in this week. Workwise also, it may be a great week; if you are planning to apply for a few holidays, they may get sanctioned quickly. Everyone in the family will be happy. Just stay away from cold things; you may catch the flu. A family member can also get injured

Libra Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Libra Weekly

In this week, you may attract a lot of money. A big deal may be coming your way. Try to stay connected with your family; they may feel ignored because of your working habits. But don’t worry, with your skills of maintaining balance you will once again make your family happy. Health looks good, but you may face some issues related to high blood pressure problems; try to stay hydrated as much as you can. With some measures, you will feel good.

Scorpio Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Scorpo Weekly

This week, stay away from negative people; they may try to pull you down from your position. On the positive side, you may decide to propose to your long-term boyfriend or girlfriend, bringing happiness between both of you. Work will also be ok. Your father may turn into a great support system this week; overall, a great time for relationships. If you are having any pain related to your back, do not make the mistake of ignoring it. Ignoring it may increase the trouble for you.

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Sagittarius Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Sagittarius Weekly

This week, your honesty may make wonders; some mishap at work could be stopped because of your honesty. Just take care of your family members; there may be some fights at home. This may cause an unhappy environment too. It is a very testing time for you this week. Take good care of your stomach; acidity may cause a lot of uneasiness. Taking some rest will help you feel better.

Capricorn Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Capricorn Weekly

Be very careful at work, as you may get injured when at work. Testing time may continue till the mid of this week; after that, work and family matters may get resolved on their own. The same applies to your health; even though your stomach health will get better, you may still continue facing small issues till the mid of this week. But everything will be ok by the end of the week, and you will also get mental satisfaction.

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Aquarius Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Aquarius Weekly

This week, only money may keep revolving in your mind and brain, but you may not see any progress till Friday. Still, despite of a weekend, you may get a piece of positive news related to your land matters, which will give a little relief. Family might get ignored due to your restlessness. If you have diabetes, keep your sugar in check, as an erratic food schedule may cause a spike in sugar. The weekend will be great for both family and work.

Pisces Weekly Forecast – 2nd Week

Pisces Weekly

This week’s work may get ignored due to some issues in the family that may cause a dicey situation at work. We advise you do not to ignore work; it may cost you to lose your job. Try to maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Try to stay away from any sharp objects; there is a possibility of injury due to cut this. But overall health will be good. With proper balance, things may fall in place everywhere.

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