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What is the benefit of reciting the mantra of Venus, the mantra of Venus should be read, what is its correct pronunciation, which is the most effective mantra of Venus and what is the complete method of the mantra of Venus, today we will talk about this topic.

If you look at the screen, there is only one mantra written on a completely blank screen and you will hear the frequency of the mantra again and again in the voice. This is the mantra which increases the auspiciousness of Venus in your horoscope and in your life. This mantra of Venus is called Beej Mantra and with this mantra you can get the blessings of Venus.

How to use mantra?

Listen to this mantra of Venus with a very calm mind with concentration and keep listening to it only for a few days. 10 minutes or more 20 minutes just by listening to this mantra, you can see extraordinary changes in your life, it is a small mantra to see their names but after using it you will come to know that the magic is hidden in small mantras and letters. Is.

God has subdued all beings by creating Maya, but there is such a power in man that a person can recognize this Maya created by God and can also change the effect of this Maya for some time. He can adapt to the circumstances and can make amazing changes in his life.

God has given such power to human beings because human beings can recite mantras. You only have to listen to this mantra of Venus, just by listening to it daily, you will get many types of benefits from this mantra.

Benefits of Venus Mantra

Just as Jupiter is the guru of the gods, in the same way Venus is the guru of individuals. Although there is an excess of Tamas in it, but Venus in our life represents all the things for which we yearn. The beauty of the object or person in which there is attraction is because of Venus. Therefore, by reciting the mantra of Venus, attraction increases. With the mantra of Venus, you can get wealth, opulence and splendor.

Those who have got to see deprivation and poverty in life, they must read this mantra. If you use this mantra daily, then your authority over the means of happiness will start increasing. Happiness, wealth, prosperity and resources of Aishwarya will be drawn towards you. The irony is that a person thinks that how can this be possible, but by using this mantra, you yourself can see the miracles of this mantra.

Those people who have not got female happiness or those who are trapped in the trap of a woman’s delusion, they must read this mantra. You can easily understand the meaning of life if you read this mantra. Not only happiness, wealth, splendor but you can also get fame from this mantra.

Apart from this, if Venus is weak in your horoscope, then you will get to see some symptoms as a result of it, like no matter how beautiful clothes you wear but it is not suitable for you. You will always be on the hunt for the right outfit.

There will be a lot of laziness in you. If something goes wrong with you at the time of entertainment, then your Venus is weak, if there is sadness on the occasion of happiness, then your Venus is bad. If you do not get success for doing good deeds in life, then the reason for that is also Venus.

If you think that you could have become famous but you did not get recognition, then Venus will be held responsible for this too. Venus gives urine disorder, dislike in sex and failure in love relationships also Venus gives.

If Venus is inauspicious, then the person does not get pleasure in youth and after the passage of youth, he goes on living in remorse. If Venus is weak, then there will be animosity with women.

If Venus is bad then there is opposition from elder sister and this opposition continues throughout life. Looking at these symptoms, you can understand whether you should use the mantra of Venus or not.

If you want, you can start the mantra of Venus by sitting on the seat. Sit on a clean seat in the morning on any Friday and concentrate the mind by lighting a lamp in front of you. Stay calm for some time and look in the middle of the flame of the lamp and feel that you are feeling its heat on your body.

After a while close your eyes and feel that warmth and light. When you can feel it, then it is time to start the mantra. It takes a long time for someone to concentrate, for that only do one minute silence and meditate in the center of the forehead and start chanting the mantra. Do not do more than this in the beginning.

After 40 days, feed small girls or give charity to them. It is necessary to recite the mantra daily as we always say that the mantra should be recited at a fixed time. If you start the mantra with this method, then from the first week itself the effect of this mantra will start in your life.

After 40 days, the planet Venus will be kind to you and every year you should worship Venus in this way for at least 40 days.

Those whose Venus is debilitated, they have special benefit from this mantra. Those who have more female children should also read the mantra of Venus, apart from this, this mantra is also very beneficial for those who want to get married soon. With this mantra, the lack of female happiness in your life will be erased.

We suggest that in the beginning you should just listen to this mantra and listen to this mantra for 10 minutes every day for 20 days and see its effect in your life. We believe that whoever starts chanting the mantra of Venus.

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