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Regarding the horoscope, the house is considered the place of expenditure, loss, trouble sleeping, but did you know that this is the place which gives such deep information about you that only you and you know.

What are your intentions, what are your intentions and your hidden dreams, your suppressed feelings, which you have not found till date, you see all the things that you wanted a lot from this house, so hope today you must have come to know something that you had earlier Didn’t hear if you liked the video, then like, subscribe and if you do not like it, then comment and tell us why you did not like it, I will keep bringing such videos to you, just we need your full love, so do give a like.

It is known to everyone about horoscope, disease, honey loss, disaster, disaster, accident and salvation is considered from home, but the information we will give you in this post, you must not have heard or heard it anywhere.

There are two types of human beings in this world, one remains independent and the other remains dependent. This whole world is made up of these two types of people. Who are the free people? Those who voluntarily come anywhere can visit, eat, drink and enjoy life.

The most free people among free people are those people who come to a certain point in their life and become free from responsibilities, that is, those who were born to liberate them. Special position wise, you have a good job, business, wife, children, a full family and you have discharged your duties with your ability, now you are free, when the time of death comes, then you will not have any special desire i.e. you are an independent have lived life.

Now who are the dependent people on the other hand
Dependent people are those people who roam around with various desires and whose desires never end. In childhood there are money, money and financial problems. Attachment to spouse in youth. Then the struggle for the job, then the struggle for the upbringing of the children. These are those people whose wish has remained fulfilled, those who are troubled since they were born, struggle for something or the other for the whole life, then the liberation of such people is not possible in front of them.

They have big dreams which are not going to be fulfilled in one life. That is why they will have to take birth again and again, these dependent people. A child under a parent. A young man is subordinate to his life partner, a successful father is subordinate to his wife and the one who has retired from all these works is also under his family. These are all dependents.

The 12th house of the birth chart is a reflection of these independent and dependent people. It is the last place of the horoscope, so it is also called the last stage of life. That is why the place of salvation is also called the twelve house of the horoscope.

The twelfth house of the horoscope is much larger than what is considered from the house about the horoscope. There are so many possibilities in this place that a person will not understand in one lifetime. In short, understand this much that those who give up their everything, who do not have any kind of greed, attachment, their twelfth house remains auspicious and strong, on the contrary, those whose twelfth house is inauspicious, they have different types of life.

Desires have surrounded them, they have big dreams. These dreams may or may not be fulfilled but dreams will never end.

Overall, the 12th house of the horoscope says this. Now let us understand what are the results of the nine planets of the horoscope in the 12th house.

About the horoscope if the Sun is in the house
You will have to be under someone or the other in this birth. Eye problems will remain prominent for you. Whatever your fame, respect and fame you collect, there is a possibility of it going away one day. Having gained everything and losing everything is the Barwa Ghar.

If the Moon is in the house about the horoscope
You will feel lack of sensitivity in life. Your relatives can abandon you for 1 day. You can mentally go to the point where other people go crazy but nothing will happen to you.

If Mars is in the house regarding horoscope
Trouble will never leave you. Friends, relatives, even the spouse leaves together one day or the other. You are likely to be cheated by blood relations, so a lesson should be learned. Do good and put it in the well.

If Mercury is in the house regarding the horoscope
You can’t show much chaliti but live your life with a straight personality because if you do a little mistake then you will get caught. You have left your cunning in the previous life, in this life you are a naive person. You will rob others of your earned money in your life and you will feel happiness in that.

If Jupiter is situated in the house outside the horoscope then
You should thank God because you will make your life complete. You will give to others but you will not need to take from anyone. You were born to give birth not to take.

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