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The second house is of horoscope generally considered as the house of money, possessions, material things, expenditures and earnings. But no one might have ever told you that this house also defines your beauty. Yeah, the second house of horoscope is also the house of a person’s attractiveness. But being beautiful not only means your outer appearance, but it also defines your manners, etiquettes, and aura.   

The second house of horoscope

The second house of horoscope is real beauty in you

You must have come across people who not only look beautiful but also have good manners. This is because of their strong second house. 

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Imagine there is a woman who looks beautiful but doesn’t have any etiquette. She uses harsh words and gets aggressive. Do you consider her beautiful? In this scenario, the second house tells the aspect of attractiveness. 

So you must have understood that a person cannot be considered beautiful just because of his or her outer appearance. The attraction towards the outer appearance is temporary, but your etiquettes, body language, aura, and charm will matter the most. And the second house will reveal the presence of these traits. 

Your decency is adjudged from the second house of the horoscope. It will tell how sweet you speak, how good you behave, or how hoarse your voice is. All these factors will tell how beautiful you are. 

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If someone’s voice is too heavy, someone’s voice is too thin or someone’s voice seems as if he has never spoken to anyone with love, their beauty is less likely to work for them. The second house can also tell about the character of a person. 

2nd House of horoscope & your home

The 2nd house of horoscope is also used to determine the atmosphere of your home as well as the condition and lifestyle of your family. Moreover, your upbringing and cultural values are also determined by this house. 

Second house and common sense

While getting an education might not reflect the real behavior of a person, the second house of horoscope can easily reveal his or her intelligence irrespective of their educational status. 

Eating habits and 2nd house of Horoscope

What are your food habits? How many languages can you speak? What is your temperament? All this can be ascertained from the second house of the horoscope.

So you must have understood that the second house has so much to tell about apart from your materialist gain and financial condition. 

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But only a good astrologer can read all these things from your horoscope. 

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