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You must have known that the first house in the horoscope represents you. It indicates your physical appearance as well as your general behavior. 

But the first house is more than that.

The first house contains several mysteries and secrets no one has ever told you about. In other words, there are many interesting facts your first house is associated with. 

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The Secrets and Lesser Known Facts about the Ascendant

The first house of the horoscope is associated with your previous birth. This is because whatever appearance and planets transition you have are due to your destiny. Apart from revealing your characteristics and personality, it tells about the debts you owed in your previous life.  

There are many such mysteries about the first house which can be revealed from the Ascendant.

Here we are revealing those secrets and interesting facts about the first house according to the presence of the Sun and other planets. 

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कुंडली का पहला घर

Sun in the First House of horoscope

This yoga makes a person a source of inspiration for others. He performs his duties like a king. However, he becomes busy throughout his life. The native has done virtuous deeds in the previous life, making him enjoy the blessing in this life. 

Moon in the First House of horoscope

The native-born to pay off the debt of a woman. Because of the virtuous deeds done in the previous life, he gets the blessing of the Lakshmi ma and enjoys all pleasures. Again, the native is born to pay the debt or help taken by a woman in the previous birth.  

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Mars in the 1st House of horoscope

The presence of Mars in the first house means the native will endeavor for social work. The whole life of such people is meant to do work. Even in the moments of death, the native will be at his workplace and performing his duty. 

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Jupiter in 1st House of horoscope

If Jupiter is in the ascendant, then the person would have got the opportunity to serve the teacher in his previous birth.

As a result of this, there is sure to be education gain, fortune, progress, and spiritual development in this birth. The native will be considered dignitary and revered in his clan.

The body of the person will be robust while the character is well-defined. The person will be equipped with both self-knowledge and religious knowledge. 

Mercury in the Ascendant the first house

Such natives were a teacher in the previous life or a prominent person among the traders.

They are known for their shrewdness and vast networking. Most of them become successful businessmen or effective speakers.

The person enjoys immense popularity in his home town as well as abroad and owns several possessions and rewards. 

Venus in the Ascendant

The native is likely to belong to the field of art and entertainment. The person will take a special interest in music, art, dance, acting, etc. He will gain immense fame through his art and creativity. 

If Venus is in the first house, then the person gets all the happiness in his existing birth due to his wife’s virtuous deeds in the previous life. He will enjoy all the worldly pleasures in his life.

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Saturn in First House of horoscope

Saturn in the first house means that the native must have made his parents serve him in the previous birth. Serving the parents is the duty of a man, but if the person doesn’t perform this duty, then he has to pay off the parental debt in the next birth. 

The native will be notorious because of his pride and the enemies of the native can harm his family. In this birth, the person will never get satisfaction from his work.

Apart from this, the person will have to suffer from mental disorders or any physical troubles. From childhood, the burden of responsibilities will be presented to the person. The suffering of the person will repay the debt of his previous birth. 

Rahu in the First House of Horoscope

The presence of Rahu in the first house is just like a curse for the native. Owing to the sins being committed in the previous life, the person has been born again. The native deceives all those from whom he has ever taken help in this birth. Such a person cannot be trusted as it is proved again and again that he is not trustworthy at all. 

In this birth, the person indulges in sinful deeds. He has expertise in exploiting the loopholes in the law. He is likely to earn money unfairly. The person repeats the same sins in his existing birth again. While the person is blessed by Kaliyuga, the person doesn’t have any interest in religious activity or worship. 

Ketu in First House of horoscope

Ketu in the Lagna enables the person to gain knowledge of his previous birth or tap ball. He gets the divine blessing while leading a mysterious life. But the person doesn’t get marital happiness due to the burden of debt in the previous life. Such people are meant for spiritual progress rather than any materialistic gain. 

So these are some lesser-known secrets and interesting facts about the first house due to the presence of certain planets in the first house. 

Maybe there are more planets present in your first house. In such a scenario, you could experience different results which will require sufficient time and space to explain. We hope that all the readers would be satisfied with this. We welcome your suggestions on this. 

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