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Why people get angry with you? Do you have a bad time? How to tell if you have a bad time? How to tell if your negative planets are in effect? Here Guru Vedic will tell you all about the indications about a bad time. 

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Here this blog will cover the following points:

  • What are the symptoms of bad luck?
  • Sun related relationship
  • Moon related relationship
  • Mars related relationship
  • Relations related to Mercury
  • Relationship to Guru
  • Venus related relationship
  • Relationship with Saturn
  • Relationship related to Rahu and Ketu

We all have good and bad phases in life. We have to go through this vicious cycle of a good and bad time. 

But it is really important to keep balance in your all conditions. Well, it is easier said than done.

However, the balance can be achieved if you know what leads to your good or bad time. By doing this, you won’t have a problem keeping calm and balance in every situation. 

What are the Symptoms of Bad Luck or Bad Time?

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The rough phase in life is triggered by disputes. Consequently, you stop talking to that person. This is the beginning of a bad time. We get a slight excuse to get angry or upset. You also feel a lack of energy and enthusiasm in business. 

You experience health problems. You have a strong urge to harm others and if this urge is not fulfilled you take your frustrations out on others. As a result, this sours your relationships with them. 

After hurting and upsetting people around him, the person wonders if he or she has really a bad time. That’s why they end up at the doorstep of an astrologer. 

Is there any relationship between the ruined relationships and planets? Yeah, there is. 

This is because every planet represents a certain relationship in astrology. 

Let’s find out the relationship between relationships and planets. 

Sun Related Relatives

Sun represents father and father in law as well as seniors or someone at your workplace who you consider superior. Sun is related to the government officials being expected to help you. 

Moon Related Relatives

Moon represents those people who are either an influential woman in the role of your senior or any government official. Moon also stands for mother and mother in law in astrology. Moon is related to your emotional and talkative female friend. 

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Mars Related Relations

All your blood relations are ruled by Mars. Besides, your maternal and paternal cousins are related to the mars. 

Mercury Related Relations

Mercury is related to an aunt (the sister of a father) and a daughter. 

A businessman or successful person comes under the authority of Mercury. A friend of yours who is very clever, mean, and sweet-spoken is directed by Mercury. In short, all the mean and clever friends in your contact area are related to Mercury.

Jupiter Related Relations

The relationship ruled by Jupiter is one that is either your teacher or equivalent to the teacher. Any learned person who is not even your guru can be related to Jupiter. All the gentlemen and women in your contact area who have a very good character who belongs to a rich and educated family all fall in the area of ​​Jupiter. Besides, the son and grandfather are also ruled by Jupiter.

Venus Related Relations

Venus rules your relationship with small kids, Brahmin women, and beautiful girls who can be your relatives and friends. All the people in your touch circle can be artists, makeup artists, and people related to entertainment, beauty, and fashion. All these people are related to Venus. 

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Saturn Related Relations

The elder brother of your father, the elderly, brother with more age gap, and the brother of your father-in-law are ruled by Saturn. Besides, Saturn also directs your poor friends or those who work in the public sector. 

Rahu Ketu Related Relations

Rahu and Ketu cover the relations out of your blood ties. They also represent the relationships with your neighbors. Even they govern your late night and early morning customers.


Now you must have understood the role of planets in each relationship.

When a certain planet is positive, you share a good rapport with the relationship being governed by that planet. If that planet turns negative, it affects the relationships being represented by it. Sometimes, the negativity of one planet can affect others.

The ruling sphere of the planets is built around your life. If your planets are positive, your fortune favors you. One of the ways to keep them positive is to maintain good relationships with your near and dear ones. 

Luckily, you can control the planets if you take care of your relationships. Don’t let any misunderstanding create a distance between you and your beloved ones. 

Although you can’t tell when one can get upset, you should NOT be the first one to start damaging your relationships with them. Just stay calm and try your best to resolve the conflicts with them. 

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