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Who are ancestors or Pitras? Everyone has his/her father and mother. After one day everyone has to die. Those who died unexpectedly, who died prematurely, forgotten dead people who were our relatives after a stage gets the position of ancestors or Pitras.

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People ask the question that we worship our Pitras, whatever worship rituals are there for them, we do everything but why there is no peace and peace in our house. There is one more thing that people who do not believe in Pitru Devas are absolutely happy.

Why those who follow Pitras are more upset?

Now there are two things in this, one is perception and the other is truth. Some people may be exceptions but it is not completely true that one who does not believe in Pitras is happier or has no evil effect of ancestors negative energy.

Satisfy Pitras with selflessness

My question is, if you believe in Pitras, what do you expect from them? Because if you want something in return, then what you are doing is not special. If you make a small amount of charity in the name of your ancestors without asking for anything, then this is connected with the financial source of many people. Morally it is very important. Now the talk of Pitras, they only need your reverence, if you take a little time and respect them, then they are happy with you. When you are happy, you must also give blessings to someone or another. This is all that happens.

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People who don’t believe in Pitras

Now those who do not believe them, then why should this Pitru Dev go to them? Some demand is made only from that which is expected to meet the demand. If someone has told you that you should do something for the ancestors, then it is not a coincidence, but through someone, your Pitras (ancestors) has sent you a message. Now if someone’s time is going well, then it is the result of his own auspicious efforts. If someone works hard and progresses, then it may have the grace of its Gods or ancestors.
Now it is up to you which route you follow.

Ghosts and Pitras do not live alone

On the basis of experience, I am saying that even if you keep donating for your ancestors regularly or annually monthly fortnightly, there is no guarantee that ghosts will not bother you. Because those who do not have bodies, ghosts, ancestors, or spirits do not live alone, they have some other members who can be both good and bad. Your Pitras always wants your good and protects you from evil spirits, but if you are facing any problem then there are also solutions for that too. Just stop blaming your ancestors or Pitras. Contact me for any help.

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