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The fourth house of horoscope in astrology represents your image within a home, your relation with the mother and other family members, your belongings, your comforts, and your early education. Also known as the house of a mother or the house of happiness, the fourth house plays an important role in your life.

But we are not going to tell you about such general details of the fourth house in this article.

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Instead, we are revealing some lesser-known facts or something you probably know about the fourth house. Let’s unveil the secrets of the fourth house…

Given that the 4th house represents your home, it tells about your properties. The 4th house is also used to see the possibility of rental property. Besides, this house is also analyzed for your properties abroad.

Did you know that the 4th house is also associated with your overseas travel? It means that the house tells the right time to apply at the embassy as well as the issues that are likely to occur in your paperwork for travel abroad.  

The 4th house determines your role in the public sector or social circles. Moreover, the house plays an important role when it comes to knowing the troubles in your life. Similarly, the possibility of happiness and auspicious events are analyzed through this house. Whether you will live happily with all the joys around the world is also determined through the fourth house.

Are you looking to buy or sell vehicles? Or you are involved in property dealing or some sort of legal or court work? Your fourth house is used to determine all these matters.

I am sure no one has ever told you that the fourth house is also analyzed for having pets in the home.

The possibility of the adopted child also lies in the 4th house. Likewise, the whereabouts or location of a missing child is also determined by the fourth house.  In fact, the fourth house can tell if starting a small eating point or five start hotel is right for you.

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The other important predictions or suggestions made through the fourth house are…

  • The character of your father in law
  • The job of your husband and wife
  • The luxury and resources in life

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What’s the Impact of the Nine Planets on Your 4th House?

Sun in the 4th House of Horoscope

Having a sun in your fourth house means your luxury and affluent life won’t last long, no matter how rich you are. This is because the sun creates “Raj Bhang” yoga in the 4th house. Even you shouldn’t try for a government job if the sun is in your fourth house. Instead, look for a private job.

Moon in the 4th House of Horoscope

If the Moon is placed in the 4th house of the horoscope, then it fills the life of a person with happiness. The source of your happiness will be your mother. The moon will have a special blessing on the person. The moon in the fourth house will make you enjoy all the pleasures and opulence in life.

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Mars in the 4th House

Mars in the 4th house means the person does not get the support of the parents and wife. The mother of the native is short-lived. The native is prone to accidents. If you have mars in the fourth house, avoid keeping entire cash in the house as there is always a risk of burglary.

Mercury in 4th House

If Mercury is situated in the 4th house of the horoscope, then the person can grow in life by deceit or scamming people. He might not make much through ethical ways. The person is less likely to believe in morality, charity and good deeds.

Jupiter in the Fourth House

If Jupiter is in the fourth house, then a person becomes a highly esteemed scholar. The person seems to have immense power in his blessing while the future events are foreseen in the dream. The person is also likely to travel abroad many times. Besides, he will be involved in religious activities. 

Saturn in the 4th House of Horoscope

If Saturn is placed in the 4th house of the horoscope, the person is likely to live a depressed and dull life. He lacks happiness from the side of his parents and relatives. The person is likely to get humiliated several times throughout life.

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Venus in the Fourth House of Horoscope

If Venus is placed in the 4th house of the horoscope, then it gives opportunities for happiness, prosperity and good livelihood to the person. The person gets victory in the court cases. With the help of women in the 38th class of life, he is likely to lead prosperous life as well as support from his wife.

Rahu in the Fourth House of Horoscope

If Rahu is in the 4th house of the horoscope, the person lives abroad away from his parents and relatives, or he never stays in his own house even after being in the home country, he has houses in many places, yet lives at the residence of others. He is likely to get involved in politics while he will have the sly and evil people in his circle. The person is secretly defamed and publicly respected.

Ketu in the 4th House of Horoscope

If Ketu is placed in the 4th house, then you can have happiness and fame in life. However, most of life is spent in enmity. Such people have a deep knowledge of magic and witchcraft. They try to get their job done by performing magic or certain rituals. In fact, they are likely to get involved in such kind of work.

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So you must have understood the lesser-known facts about the fourth house as well as the impact of nine planets on them. However, if you do not agree with the information given above, then you can share your experience with us. The concepts presented in this article are purely based on the knowledge and expertise of the author. It is at the discretion of the readers to agree or disagree with it.

4th House of Horoscope
4th House of Horoscope