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According to Vedic astrology, Mangal represents your blood relations, when the position of Mars in your horoscope is such that Mars is surrounded by enemy planets, then you cannot expect cordial relations with all the people around you. The planets which are with Mars are the relatives or friends of your relatives etc.

Friend and Enemy planets

In Vedic astrology, we know that a planet can be either in an enemy sign or a friend or in its own sign or in an exalted sign. In the same way it happens in life, either people are our friends or are hostile to you, some people have equal feelings, that is, neither friend nor enemy.

There are some people with whom we are happy and safe living with them, but with them we feel very inferior because their lifestyle is of a very high quality, in the same way our mutual relations are in real life.

Do you lack attraction?

There is a natural attraction inside some people, which easily attracts others to themselves.

The condition in this yoga is that Rahu is not related to passion. If Mars is related to Rahu in the horoscope, then relatives run away from you. No matter how hard you try. No one will like to be with you. Most of the time in life you will see the displeasure of your relatives

What is the role of relatives in life?

Nowadays, the root cause of depression or depression is that loneliness is such a person who is left to live alone in the house, it is a matter of a family, even a family is sometimes left alone in the society, because the rest of the society takes away from them. Breaks the connection, which creates a kind of negative energy around that family.

Even ghosts do not live alone, then loneliness for a person is exactly like a vegetarian lonely animal in the forest, due to lack of chance from society, the family alone has to face many problems at the time of marriage.

Cooperation with relatives at the time of marriage

In fact, if you have good relations with your relatives, then fine otherwise you can take a risk and go to the agents. Obviously no one will take guarantees when it comes to responsibility. Some such cases have come to my notice which give rise to a doubt.

In some matrimonial disputes, there is such a long legal process in the case of fraud that in the end there is only disappointment, let me tell about a recent incident.

Is the relationship safe with people you meet on the Internet?

A family that has been trying for a relationship for a long time finds a good match from a local agent. Initially, the family is interested because the boy’s bio data is matched with the girl’s, but before taking the matter further, the paperwork process and token money is spoken, so that no one has any objection.

After all this, the girl should meet the boy, but again money is demanded.

Now the family had understood that something was a mystery. Later it is revealed that such a fake profile has been created on a metromonial site that everyone gets attracted, even after collecting money from many places one after the other, the relationship is never confirmed and with one reason or the other. is broken.

This is a game of money, it is a business which is going on continuously.

In such an environment, if a single family is not a victim of depression, then who else will?


The conclusion is that ties with your relatives should not be broken to such an extent that you may come to expect a different society for the relationship of your children.

We are a part of the society, so we should forget our old differences and behave with our relatives by keeping distant thinking.

If still you are not able to succeed then Vedic Guru is ready to help you. Whatever planet in your horoscope is breaking your relationships, ask the surefire remedy today.

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