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Some people depend on others for the necessities of their life. Nothing, there are many such people, but there are more people who come to the shop in the morning and ask God that God should give more sales today. If there is a little trouble, then God save you. If a slight illness comes, oh God, don’t be serious.

So the life of such people goes on. Some people badly depend on the God even for the basic needs of their life. Actually huge number of people are like this. This kind of people come to their shop in the morning and pray to God, God please send more & more customers, increase sales today.

They are badly depend upon the God. If even a little trouble come, they immediately recall the God to save. They think as If God always get ready to save them. On a single sneeze, they request the God, oh God, don’t be serious, save us.

However, the life of such people goes on.

Ask for a boon or favor on the slightest thing from God. It is the habit of some people to pray for favor, boon from God.  If they pass through the temple, then pray and demand something, if they pass nearby the gurudwara, then they will pray to Waheguru to fulfil their desire as if God is waiting for them, they will come and God will fulfill their all desires.

However, they don’t miss any chance to ask for a vow.

Come on, all this is fine, because after all you are remembering God by some means or the other. But… there are some people who despite being capable…. The limbs, hands and feet, despite everything ok, fit & fine, are dependent on someone else like a husband is dependent on the earnings of his wife.

If so, then it is an insult to this God-given life. If you are a brother who is dependent on his sister’s wealth, then believe me it is no less than a curse. If you are the kind of father, who is using his daughter’s money then remember it will take you not less than one birth to repay this loan.

A capable husband should not only protect his wife but also earn money for her. However, some reason you have to take something from the wife, then spend it only on your children, otherwise no matter how good Venus is in your horoscope will be ruined.

If you have to borrow from your sister then that too will be shameful situation.  Because such a situation arises when your Mercury is completely bad. By taking something from sister no doubt, you will completely ruin Mercury and Ketu. However, willingly & with love if a sister helps her brother that is a different matter.

Never take anything from the childless person. Unfortunately, if you take help from a childless person, then you will come under a debt that is harmful for your child. So always, help the childless; never take anything from him free.

People ask the definition of poor yoga, Shakata yoga talks about beggar yoga, then what is it about Raja yoga.

What is Raja Yoga and what is Poor Yoga……..?

According to the present scenario, there is a Raj yoga in a person’s horoscope if he is leading his life as per his wish. Raja Yoga is when he is living with honour. You are having a Rajyoga in your horoscope if you do not owe anyone but you are a person who give loan to people.

You have given loan but not borrowed from anyone. Present scenario even Head of the State change and becomes a common man because monarchy system has come to an end. There is a democracy in all over world. The people choose the king. So the one who eats the bread of self-respect is called Raja Yoga.

Being a brother, if one taken money from sister and has not returned or has no power to return it. Being a father took money from the daughter and did not return it. Being father-in-law took money from son in law and did not return it. Being maternal uncle took money from nephew.

If you are one like this then you are a person with Shakat Yoga. It is very terrible situation if one take financial help, money from sister, aunt, and daughter and don’t return, this is Shakat yoga poor yoga. To get money by pledging your self-respect is terrible poor yoga.

If this article has hurt anyone, then I sincerely apologize for the same. Asking help from God is not wrong anywhere. It is everyone’s duty to help the needy without waiting for him to ask. If your planetary position is good then you will be able and if your horoscope is bad then you will depend on others.

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