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Those who are afraid of pishogue, incantation or fascination should keep their nails, hair, and underwear out of reach of others. Turquoise is one such gemstone that can protect you from the above and black magic.

If someone at your shop has put something that looks like sorcery, then before picking or removing it up, put five pieces of sweets in it and then remove it.

Don’t use perfume if your eyes are too heavy.

If there is an effect of witchcraft, black magic in your house, then the first sign that when you sit down to eat, hair will definitely come out of your food. If the effect of witchcraft at home has become old, then the nature of at least one person in your house will suddenly change a lot.

Protect your own home

A remedy that is necessary for everyone. If you feel that there is influence of negative energy in your house, there is something inauspicious in your house, we are going to tell you a few remedies, which are very important. There is a need for such a remedy once in everyone’s life. So let’s start.

The first one will eliminate the negative energy from your house and reduce the effect of inauspicious planets too.

The stuff require for the Remedy: Two Laddu, aromatic sweets, bottle of wine, oil lamp (Pure Ghee), wick and match.

This remedy should perform at ten o’clock in the night on the roof of your house. First of all, call upon your Guru to protect you, O Guru. Then two Laddu, aromatic sweets, 2leafs of Paan without lime. Take a wine bottle.

Lit the lamp and pray that if there is something in my house that is harming us, then Bhairav ​​ji should accept this worship and whatever negative, inauspicious exist should go away.

Now leave all stuff for the whole night. Next day take this material and put the sweets in running water. Keep the liquor till the next Saturday and then offer it in the temple of Kali or Bhairav.

If you live in a flat, perform this remedy in a place that is safe from fire or where there is open space. If you do this on Shani Vasari Amavas (moonless nightfall on Saturday), then it is very good, otherwise perform this on any Amavas. If Amavas is away, then you may perform this remedy on Saturday too.

After performing this remedy, you will feel that negative energy has disappeared from the house.

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