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Your horoscope can tell how many properties you will have or what kind of property you will have in the future. 

Here I am going to tell you some important factors (astrological yogas) which are pointing towards the opportunity of getting properties in your destiny.

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Property in Horoscope
Property in Horoscope

However, these points are not noticed by everyone. 

These points help you know if you can get…

  • Unlimited property.
  • Small houses or limited properties.
  • Ancestral house property.
  • Houses built by your own hard work.
  • The property is created by taking away the rights of others.
  • The Property of the Dispute.
  • Haunted or deserted land.

Everyone has the land to survive according to their requirements. However, not all have enough land to fulfil their desires or someone doesn’t know how to use their excessive land. 

The fourth house of the horoscope represents property, from this place the idea of ​​happiness and convenience is considered. This house also stands for comfort. 

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Let us know pointwise how Vedic astrology sees the chances of property in your destiny. 

In Vedic astrology, many types of yoga make the fourth house strong or weak, but we consider both practical astrology and Vedic astrology to discuss the chances of property yoga. 

Chances of Unlimited Property:

If the total marks on the fourth house exceed 45 in the octave or Asthak warg, then the sum of unlimited property is made. However, the relation between Venus and the Moon also plays an important role here. 

Chances of Limited Property:

If the lord of the fourth house of the birth chart is under 6 degrees from the Sun, then the native has to live in a very small place for life. Sun and Mars have the opposite effect here. According to the Laal Kitaab, Mars is considered to be inferior and the Sun Raja Yoga factor is why the yoga of Sun-Mars hurts this house, in such a situation, a person has to live in a very small place. 

Chances of Ancestral property:

By ancestral property, we mean property acquired by parents or grandparents. It is the property that is achieved by a person without any effort. If the owner of the fourth house is in the center places, then the ancestral property is found according to the strength of that planet.

If the planet is in a high zodiac sign or the original triangle zodiac, then the share in the ancestral property is more and if is it is in the negative zodiac sign or is suffering from sin planet then the share is very less.

Property from Your Hard work – Self made property

People who build property on their own and their hard work are those whose Lagnesh is stronger than Sun and Moon. Besides, they are related to the fourth house in their horoscope. In Vedic astrology, Sun is known as the father, Moon is known as the mother and Lagnesh is the person himself. Apart from this, if the lord planet of the fourth house is sitting anywhere along with the Lagna or Lagna and if the Lagna is strong, then by its hard work, the native creates the property.

Chances of Getting Property Meant for Others:

Well, it happens that a person gets the property destined or meant for others. A horoscope can tell if a person will grab other’s property using malicious tactics. 

If the lord of the fourth house is strong and if the negative house the eye on the fourth house, there are the chances that property can be seized by the person for whom it is not meant for. This happens when a negative planet has its eye on the fourth house. 

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