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Career is the source of income. If you are doing well in your professional life, the other things go smoothly. Your career is based on your knowledge and skills. The education level and progress depend on the talent of a child. The upbringing of the kid also impacts their talent. 

Here comes accurate career prediction by Guru Vedic!

We prepare your career prediction report based on your horoscope. 

Our model of career prediction is created according to your needs. And we will tell you everything without asking. 

We can predict the right source of income for you. 

For example, we check the first house of your horoscope to figure out about your reputation which is known as cibil score. 

The second house is checked for your financial condition. The third house is checked for the profit and loss caused by journeys as well as marketing-related works. The fourth house tells about foreign travel, property, investment, and real estate. The fifth house tells about the sudden profit or loss through lottery and betting. 

The sixth house tells about the profit through commissions or income through competition or in the field of health. The profit through in-laws as well as other trades can be found through the seventh house.

The eighth house tells about the income earned through death, black magic, and research. The 12th house indicates the other sources of income. 

We study all these houses to tell about the most beneficial career that assures of high income and prosperity. 

Your horoscope can tell which house is the most powerful to give you excessive income. The ninth house of your horoscope tells about what is good for your future so that you don’t waste time and money on useless things. 

Career & Planets

  1. Politics – Modelling – Fitness Experts.
    • Combination of Jupiter & Saturn.
    • Sun & Jupiter.
    • Mars & Jupiter.
    • Venus & Jupiter.
    • Rahu and Venus.
  2. Family Business – Rent of House – Hotel – Hospitality.
    • 2nd House of horoscope.
    • 11th house of horoscope.
    • 11th house many planets.
    • 2nd and 11th house combinations.
    • Venus connection.
    • Strong & Powerful Venus.
    • Saturn in 3rd, 6th house of horoscope.
  3. Travel Business – Marketing – Social Circle.
    • 4th house of horoscope.
    • Favorable & Auspicious Moon.
    • Moon and 2nd house.
    • Moon and 9th house.
    • Moon and 10th house.
    • 3rd house connection with 11th house.
    • 3rd house and 9th house combinations.
    • 3rd house and 4th house combinations.
    • Mercury and Moon Combinations.
    • 4th house and blessings of Venus and Moon.
  4. Real Estate – Property Dealing – Judiciary – Sale & Purchase of Vehicles – Mechanical Engineering – Abroad. 
  5. Risk Management – Share market – Lottery – Gambling – Teaching – Income from your Son.
  6. Hospital – Commission-based income – Medicines – Underworld.
  7. Partnership Business – Income of Wife – Catering – Marriage Bureau.
  8. Insurance – Research-Based Work – Abroad – Secret Income.
  9. Religion Based Income – Tuition – Tour and Travel – Father—Goodwill; Business. 
  10. Self-Earned Income – Labour Work – Politics – Comfortable Job – Father Job or Business – Public Services – Govt. Job.
  11. Gratification – Side Business – Rent Income – Interest – Share Market – Bonus.
  12. Finance Business – Black Money – Scrap Work – Spiritual Work – Income from Liquor. 

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