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Some time after the birth of the child, when the child gets more boils and pimples, then there is an effect of this planet. This planet is also responsible for children’s bad habits and surprising antics.

The effect of this planet also remains on the second boy and the child born by caesarean operation. The power of this planet is seen more in the great talent and extraordinary children at a young age.

This planet represents suspicious neighbors and relatives endowed with the power of tantra mantra.

Such a doctor, who recognizes the disease on seeing the patient, deserves the grace of this planet. Such a corner of the house where there are cracks and skylights are the places of this planet.

This planet has the ability to take a person to the summit. With the grace of this planet alone, a person becomes worshiped like a deity. This planet has so much potential.

The injury to this planet is fatal and infallible. This planet is particularly responsible for divine wrath and phantom obstruction. People ignore this planet, but when your time comes, because of this planet, you can get those achievements which do not come in the category of ordinary at all.

Unbreakable devotion and the power to curse is obtained by the grace of this planet.

The name of this planet is Ketu which is the lower part of Rahu. This is the planet which is often overlooked by all. Whereas there is so much power in this planet that it does not affect one or two individuals but the whole family.

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