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Who should wear the Beej Mantra of Mercury, how to pronounce it and how to use this mantra. What are its benefits, we will tell you all in today’s post.

First of all listen carefully to the Beej Mantra of Buddha given in the video. We have written this mantra of Mercury on a completely blank screen. You have to concentrate on the mantra of Mercury while listening to this mantra.

The frequency of this mantra has been done 108 times, although it can be more or less, but if you listen to this mantra of Mercury for 10 minutes or more 15 to 20 minutes daily, then you can take full advantage of it.

Whether it is Mercury mantra or any other mantra, the important thing is that at what time you are using it because at the time when your mind will be calm and concentrated, it is beneficial to chant the mantra at the same time. So make sure to have such a time when you are free every day and use that time for mantra with accuracy.

How to read the mantra of Mercury?

Being the factor of intelligence, Mercury gives you wisdom, if Mercury is weak in the horoscope then its symptoms will appear. The first symptom is that there will be a delay in the teething of the child or the problem of teeth will be with the person since childhood. Some person has skin problem.

If Mercury is very weak then the child is very naive and straightforward. Anyone can fool him at any time, that is, there is no tendency for cunning.

In today’s environment, everyone should have so much thinking or understanding that no one should fool you. Everyone deceives the one whose Mercury is weak. If Mercury is weak in the horoscope then it will also give poverty.

If for any reason you feel that your Mercury is weak, then you can recite this mantra. If you have been asked by an astrologer to recite this mantra, you can still use this mantra.

Benefits of Mercury Mantra

By reading the mantra of Mercury, you will gradually understand so much that you can think what is your good and bad. When a person is misled and walks on the wrong path, then his Mercury should be considered bad. Such a person must do Buddha Mantra.

Stuttering while speaking is a characteristic of bad Mercury, so such people who feel hesitant in speaking must read the mantra of Mercury.

Reading the mantra of Mercury not only develops intellect, but also improves speech. If you want to become eloquent and if you want that no one can win over you in matters, then read the mantra of Mercury.

The mantra of Mercury is very beneficial for teacher, lawyer, businessman, manager and accountant. Mercury is the mantra for wealth growth, Lakshmi attainment and profit in business.

How to use Mercury’s Mantra

Listen to the given mantra for 10 to 15 minutes by putting it in the ears with the help of headphones or ear phone and meditate on this mantra with a concentrated mind. If you are free for 10 to 15 minutes at any time while traveling or while sleeping, you can use this mantra mentally.

You will start getting its benefits only by listening. If you listen to this mantra for 10 minutes a day for 40 days or more, you will definitely see its effect in a few days.

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