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What you will get in Marriage Prediction by GuruVedic Astrologers.

  • About your post married life.
  • Life Partner by looks, physic, character, family, financial status, study, career.
  • Type of Marriage. Love or ArrangedInter-caste or same caste. With a Friend or Unknown person.
  • How will be Life after your marriage?
  • The best direction for marriage and career.
  • When you will Get married the Year and Estimated Months.
  • Effective remedies for your Bad Planets.
  • Lucky Gemstone Suggestion for Love, Marriage, Career, health.
  • Is there Manglik dosh, Kaal Sarp dosh, Major Dosha with Remedies?
  • 5 Years of Career Summary (Complimentary).

Everybody looks for his or her desired life partner as soon as they come of age.  Some get their dream life partner while some don’t, but everyone thinks of him or her. 

If you are looking for a desired partner for marriage, we can help you by assuring of the same with our accurate marriage prediction services. 

Most of the people who approached us for the prediction of marriage in the last 12 years asked about their life after marriage. This is because we make an accurate prediction for them, encouraging them to ask more. 

Although the most common question is whether my life partner would be beautiful or not, many come with other queries. 

We do our best to answer such queries. It is for sure that we will tell you five accurate predictions about your life partner so that you know the character of the person before marriage. 

What if we tell you that your marriage will happen next month? Yeah, we also predict the date and year of your marriage. 

In fact, many people get married within 40 days as we predicted.

It all depends on the position of your planets. Some people are blessed by people after marriage while some experience disturbance in their life which can lead to their separation or divorce. 

That’s why we also predict the conditions that can take place after marriage as well as the solutions to deal with them. Our marriage prediction report covers everything so that you can understand all details and solution as well. 

We also recommend some people to get married early while some are suggested to delay it for a couple of years. It is all done for your well-being.  

We are also expert in love marriage predictions. 

Many people want to marry their love. If they follow our advice, their married life will be successful and blooming. 

You can ask any question related to your love marriage. We can also predict where your marriage will take place as well as the location of your in-law. Nothing is kept hidden. 

Your marriage prediction report is made by an experienced astrologer. We use a computer only for sending and receiving the reports. From studying the planets to assessing the kundali for dosha, everything is done manually. 

Don’t rely on computer tools like marriage prediction calculator.

Instead, come to us and know the real things from real astrologer.

We will not only predict accurately but also tell you solutions. Leave the rest for god! 

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