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Time doesn’t remain the same. Sometimes we are bestowed with all the happiness and pleasures in the world. Sometimes we go through the worst phase of our life. Well, one key aspect of life is to experience ups and downs. 

When things are transiting from bad to good or vice versa, this moment is called a turning point in life from an astrologer’s viewpoint. If you start overcoming the problems in your life or your problems come to end, that moment is your turning point. 

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Why you see all kind of phases, whether they are bad or good, in your life?

In astrology, such transitions are caused by the impact of planets in our life. There are nine planets and each planet affects our lives for a certain period in a different way. Some planets can influence your life for 18 years while some planets can last 6-7 years. 

This is what we call Mahadasha in astrology. 

Mahadasha is divided into nine segments known as antardashas, where all the 9 planets impact within the major influence of the planet is the ruler of Mahadasha. 

The impact of these planets brings positive or negative changes in life. And things change dramatically. That’s why it is called a turning point where you experience a sudden change in your life. 

You might be destined for several turning points in your life. 

Want to know when you are going to have your next turning points or a major transition in life?

The answer lies in your horoscope or birth chart. Your horoscope will tell you about the highlighted changes in your life. 

As I have told you that all the changes in your life are caused by the impacts of nine planets at certain times which is known as Mahadasha. 

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The impact of these planets can last 120 years in one’s lifetime. 

Every planet has its own duration in which you go through positive or negative experiences. 

The Duration of Each Planet’s Impact or Mahadasha on Your Life

  • Mahadasha of the Sun (Surya) lasts 6 years.
  • Mahadasha of the moon (Chandrama) lasts 10 years.
  • Mahadasha of Mars (Mangal) lasts for 7 years.
  • Mahadasha of Mercury (Budh) lasts 17 years.
  • Mahadasha of Guru lasts 16 years.
  • Mahadasha of Venus (Shukar) lasts 20 years.
  • Mahadasha of Saturn (Shani) lasts for 19 years.
  • Mahadasha of Rahu lasts 18 years.
  • Mahadasha of Ketu lasts 7 years

According to the above given Mahadasha chart, your life must be affecting by one of those planets. 

The maximum duration of Mahadasha is up to 19 years, after which life changes completely, this is called the turning point of life. 

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Although there are many types of Mahadasha, VimshottariDasha is the most accepted type. It assumes that human can live for 120 years which is the aggregate duration of all nine planetary periods in the order of their operation. 

Your horoscope can tell how the turning point of your life will be. Currently, which planet you are affected by and which planet will affect you in future, which planet is going to affect you, astrology can tell all this. 

No matter how your horoscope is, but every Mahadasha has its characteristic, let’s know in detail.

The Mahadasha of Sun

When the Mahadasha of Sun occurs, there are possibilities of starting a new business. A person can also achieve new facilities, prestige and responsibility.  

The Mahadasha of Moon

This Mahadasha will help carry forward the lineage of the native. A dull and boring life becomes exciting. The pace of life doesn’t let you feel how time flies this fast. These 10 years are the busiest time in your life.  

The Mahadasha of Mars

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This Mahadasha brings negativity in life as it leads to conflict, quarrel and troubles. The Mahadasha of Mangal or Mars lasts 7 years in one’s life. The dasha can be both positive and negative depending upon its strength in your birth chart. 

The positive Mars will increase your respect and acceptance in society. You also start building contact with affluent people. But the negative Mars can lead to the risk of injuries, accidents, fire and surgeries. 

The Mahadasha of Mercury

In the Mahadasha of Mercury, the person builds a connection with new people and relationships. There are some new expansions in life while lessons are learned from mistakes. And these lessons pay off later in life. A meek and simpleton person becomes sly and smart as he or she gains intelligence from this phase. 

The Mahadasha of Guru

In the Mahadasha of the Guru, the knowledge, skills and senses of the native are tested. The person becomes wise at this time. He will take the responsibilities and stick to his values. This Mahadasha also creates possibilities for childbirth and the completion of some important tasks. 

The Mahadasha of Venus

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In the Mahadasha of Venus, the person enjoys material comforts and earns wealth. This is the time when a person can enjoy life while the rest of the time of life is spent in taking responsibilities and liabilities. Life becomes beautiful in this Mahadasha.

The Mahadasha of Saturn

In the Mahadasha of Saturn, a person starts experiencing the dark sides of life. In this condition, you can have a near-death experience in which you realize your abilities. This is also the time when you start to experience a loss of energy. The tough time will let you identify people who can stand with you as well as those who turn their back. 

If this Mahadahsa comes earlier, a person becomes practical and wiser than others from the same age group or experience level. That’s why he is often compared to his seniors. 

The Mahadasha of Rahu

This time makes you feel loneliness and solitude. This Mahadasha encourages you to remain isolate from others. You start feeling that everyone is alone in this world as well as understand the value of relationships. You also come to learn that things like popularity, disgrace, and flashiness are momentary. This is the state of detachment from everything. 

The Mahadasha of Ketu

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This condition brings situations that are often beyond your control. If you fall ill in this condition, the treatment depends on Ketu, not doctor. You start experiencing miracles that are likely to happen during KetuMahadasha. 

You can also experience a spiritual uplift in this Mahadasha. 

Once this condition comes in life, its effect lasts for the whole life because the soul remains in the body as long as there is life. And Ketu is related to the same soul and the divine. 

At this time, the person can be seen doing such things which cannot be imagined before. In the case of Ketu, your body is not owned by you, but your life is operated by others. This is the condition where you become helpless. 

(Disclaimer: This blog is intended for information purpose only. Reader discretion is advised in case they have any kind of dilemma or complaint.) 

So you must have read the impact of Mahadasha on your life.

Luckily, I have efficient astrological remedies to pacify the negative impact of certain Mahadashas in your life. Contact me now! 

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