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There are many places in the horoscope to determine the medium through which money will come in your life. The second house of the horoscope is the wealth of your family. The fourth house belongs to your property. Eleventh house is of earning from your salary or property. But the fifth eighth house is the place from where not money but a lot of money is considered.

The fifth house of the horoscope is the place of betting or lottery. Sudden monetary gains are seen from this place. Eighth place belongs to the wealth of which you do not know. The eleventh place is of your income but it is the place of your salary or earnings. That is, there is only one place that can make you rich overnight and that is the fifth place.

Some people think that suddenly they get a lot of money from somewhere. Don’t have to work hard and money can come easily. Almost every person thinks that I have very little money and my earning speed is also very low and such a person has a lot of money. That’s why this article is dedicated to those people who want to earn money through lottery or other means.

Lottery yog in horoscope

Do you also have the chance of getting lottery in your horoscope? Is there a possibility of getting money from betting in your horoscope? Can you become rich overnight? When will you get a lot of money?

There are other similar questions, which we will try to answer through astrology. First let’s talk about luck. The ninth house of the birth chart is called the place of fortune, but from the ninth to the ninth house is the fifth and this place is called lottery betting or the place of sudden wealth gains.

5th House for Lottery yoga in horoscope

Venus, Moon Mercury and 5th house for Lottery

The Mercury is the most intelligent planet who can give you brain to earn smartly. Moon is the planet who have ability to give you enough results in short time. Venus indeed known for wealth. Rahu is Delusion. Rahu gives unexpected and countless success. So we should focus on all these planets. If you have lottery yoga in horoscope, these planets will be involved.

If the fifth house of the horoscope is in a certain planetary position in your horoscope, then there are many chances that you will get a lot of money in your life time and will not have to work too hard.

Let us know which planetary position is responsible for this. The symbolic planet of fifth house is Jupiter but Jupiter gives hard earned money while Mercury Moon Venus and Rahu these four planets give ability to earn money smartly.

  • If Rahu is sitting alone in the fifth house of the horoscope, then you will be very interested in lottery betting etc. and this interest will make you win in it.
  • The position of two benefic planets Mercury and Venus in the fifth house of the horoscope can make you wealthy. If Moon and Venus are in the fifth house of the horoscope, immense wealth is obtained through the woman.
  • Lonely Moon in the fifth house of the horoscope creates the possibility of winning the lottery If there is Venus in the fifth house of the horoscope, then one day you will have every item of comfort in your life and a lot of money will also be drawn to you.
  • The presence of two or more benefic planets in the fifth house of the horoscope is not a sign of lottery. If any of the planets Rahu and Mercury or Venus are on the fifth house of the horoscope, then there is a possibility of profit from lottery betting etc.
  • The position of Ketu and Mercury in the fifth house of the horoscope indicates earning money by betting.

Who shouldn’t expect money from lottery or risk management

Lottery is not recommended for these people.

The information given above is a very general situation, in a similar planetary position, you can get money from lottery betting etc.

There are many other planets & combination of planets who can give lottery yoga but in your horoscope if above four are not in the recommended position, you should not take huge risk in this field.

  • Although other planets are known for lottery or betting, it is not possible to mention all types of planets here. Now let us know which people should stay away from lottery or betting.
  • If there is an effect or vision of Jupiter in the fifth house of the horoscope, then the person should not think of earning money in an immoral way, but should stay away from all these.
  • If there is a goat in the fifth house of Jupiter horoscope, then it is a different matter. If Saturn is sitting in the fifth house of the horoscope or if there is a vision of Saturn, then through lottery or betting, the loss to the person is more, the profit is less.
  • If both auspicious and inauspicious planets are present in the fifth house of the horoscope, then there will definitely be money benefits from lottery betting etc. but that money will not work.
  • If the lord of the sixth house is in the fifth house of the horoscope, then the money earned by lottery or betting is likely to be spent on illness, so stay away from lottery or risk factor.

Sun, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter, if any one or more of these planets are present in the fifth house of the horoscope, then your interest will not be in lottery or betting, but if you do so then you will definitely suffer loss.


We hope that your opinion is clear on whether you should stay away from lotteries or betting. To know more you can consult us by showing your horoscope.


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