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Kundali Matching

Kundali Matching is a very a process of compatibility check for two persons. Every human has some good and some bad things in the horoscope. When your horoscope has a placement of good planets in the place of your partner’s bad planets this fulfillment gives harmonious married life. In Kundali matching process we find a reason of your happiness together astrologically.

What you will get in Matchmaking Prediction by GuruVedic Astrologers.

  • How long will it go?
  • When will your married life be stable?
  • Should I avoid it or not?
  • How will your married life be?
  • About kids after marriage.
  • Should you go or not for this marriage?
  • Is there Kumbh vivah necessary for you or not?
  • Is there Manglik dosh, Kaal Sarp dosh, 2 marriages, or any major dosh that exists or not in your horoscope?

The romantic relationship between two people is common. But the problem occurs when it comes to getting married. 

There was a time when the matchmaking is done before the marriage. However, in today’s time, most people look for their desired life partner according to their lifestyle and ideology.

For example,

A doctor prefers a doctor for marriage.

An actor wants to marry an actress.

A teacher wants to marry someone from his or her profession.

An employee, whether they are junior or senior, wants to marry the partner found in the office. 

In this scenario, most people think that there is no need for kundali as the two people are looking perfect as a couple. After all, they are destined for each other for some special reason. But horoscope matching is still important. The next point will tell you why. 

What is the Importance of a Horoscope Matching?

The purpose of kundali or horoscope matching is to find the compatibility between two a boy and a girl as well as other potential incidents in their married life. 

I know a couple who is in a teaching profession, meaning that both husband and wife are teachers. They live 150 km away from each other and meet each other frequently or on holidays for 12 years. Their kundali has 32 gunas matched out of 36. As they reached their 50’s, they realized the shortcomings in the upbringing of their kids as well as how few interactions have made their life dull. 

The second example is of a medical couple in which the wife is a gynaecologist while the husband is a surgeon. The husband had to move to the UK, creating a lifelong separation from his wife. The kids were brought up abroad. Both are leading a busy life like before. 

In another example, there is a couple who lived abroad after living together in a college in California, they get married and afterward one had to settle in the US while the other had to move to Australia. As a result, both partners got into the extramarital affair at their workplace which led to the marriage broke up. 

Marriage is a bond that is done to support each other for a lifetime and to support each other in every phase of life. Living away from each other is just like a contract. 

Does Horoscope Match Ensure A Happy Married Life?

Certainly, a horoscope matching helps you find the perfect life partner. 

Whether the horoscope is matched or not, or whether or not there is Manglik Yoga or not, but if the following yoga exists, then it should be understood that both are made for each other.

• If the Lagna and Lunar sign are equal, then the husband and wife can have compatibility.

• If the d9 chart of horoscope and Lagna of a life partner match, it is made for each other, it means both are made for each other. 

• The planet which is low in the horoscope of the Varga is the same if it is high in the bride’s horoscope.

• If both have the possibility of a second marriage, then they are made for each other.

• Both are made for each other if they are manglic from the moon or sun Lagna.

• If both the bride and groom are equal to the lunar zodiac constellation, they are made for each other.

There are other planetary positions in which husband and wife can complete the Kundali of each other. For example, if a wife has a poor financial condition while the husband has a sound financial condition, it means that both can complement each other. This is an accurate way to match the horoscope.  

The facts presented here are only a fraction of our horoscope matching practices. Until your commitment to each other is shown in each other’s horoscope, the horoscope does not match. Luckily if your marriage is going to take place, there must be some reason in the horoscope. We look for the same reason for matching horoscopes; this is our way of matching horoscopes.

How Guru Vedic Matches Horoscope

We find a reason of your engagement & living together happily in horoscope. There are so many rules of astrology behind this but we follow Vedic & Valid Rules of Practical Astrology.

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