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You don’t need to read a lot of books to read your horoscope. We believe that if you understand these four things then you will understand the concept of horoscope. Whether you learn to read horoscope or not, but how to read horoscope, the meaning of this thing will be understood.

There are 12 places in the horoscope. Every place in the horoscope gets promoted in some or the other particular stage.

One four seven and ten have great glory in the horoscope. One four seven ten means 1 ie first place 2 second, 7 seventh, 10 i.e. tenth place.


The first place is your own location. In this creation created by God, man is said to be intelligent and intelligent, therefore in the first house the intelligent Mercury and Guru are considered to be strong. If one of the planets Mercury or Jupiter is situated here, then the person leads his life wisely. He is considered responsible and worthy in the aggregate.


Let’s talk about the fourth house. The twelve houses of the horoscope are made for one or the other relationship. Mother’s place is in the fourth house. The planet which has the place of relationship can remain happy in that place. Moon is also considered to be the karaka planet of mother, so Moon remains happy in the fourth house. Fourth house is of comforts and Venus is also a planet of happiness and hence Venus also remains happy in the fourth house.


Talking about the seventh house, it is considered the place of marriage. Venus is the karaka planet for marriage. That is why the seventh house is dear to Venus. Similarly, the seventh house is also considered to be of partnership. Saturn remains very happy in this place because Saturn is the karaka planet of west direction and west direction is also seen from the seventh house. Apart from this, the responsibilities of a person start from this place and the meaning of life is also from this place. The meaning of life is incomplete without the justice of Shani, so this place is very dear to Shani.


The tenth place is the father’s place. In the place of father, the father’s karaka planet Sun is the first authority. From the tenth position, the kingdom also considers grace and all these things are represented by the sun. Not only this, it is also a place of action. Mars is famous for Karma, Industry or Purusharth because Mars is the representative planet of blood. Mars is considered responsible for passion, passion, hard work and effort, that is why Mars remains happy in the tenth house.

One Four Seven and Ten Rule

It is worth mentioning here that if mother’s place is fourth, then fourth place is not auspicious for father. The mother can feed the child, the father can feed the child, but by staying within his limits. That is why the Sun in the fourth house is considered inauspicious.

Mars is also inauspicious here because Mars gives inspiration to do work, whereas the fourth house is the place to get the means of luxury, so luxury and hard work cannot stay at one place and if it stays then it will look strange.

Lagna Sthan i.e. the first place is your own. Seventh place belongs to your life partner. Saturn which is pleased in the seventh house will never be happy in the ascendant and will not allow the native to be happy. Because in your life first your character is formed, then you become aware of your responsibilities.

If Saturn is in the Ascendant, then the burden of responsibilities will come on your head from birth and you will not get time to build your character. Similarly, if any of the Mercury Jupiter is in the seventh house, it will make you so much responsible towards your life partner that you will forget the rest of your life responsibilities.

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