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Very few people pay attention to what is the atmosphere of their house after marriage. Boy or girl it is important for both how to maintain harmony within 2 families after marriage.

What will be the atmosphere of the family after marriage?
It happens that you need a suitable life partner to get married. Most of the people think that if their spouse is beautiful and educated, that is enough, but very few people pay attention to the family and home environment.

Family environment can make or destroy married life. In Indian society, the girl stays in her husband’s house after marriage, so the husband’s house should not be such for a new girl that she has to adjust in every way. Families with mature thinking tend to pay more attention to these little things. But unfortunately not all people have the same thinking.

Love marriage and family consent
Sometimes in the affair of love marriage, young people forget that how will be managed after marriage but how everything will be normal between both the families, it is a risk like gambling.

In most of the love marriage cases, it happens that both the boy and the girl had hoped that the family would accept them, but even after many years have passed, people do not forget, rather the distance goes on increasing with time. Learn to live without.

Here all kinds of possibilities have been seen to be destroyed. Our work is astrology, we see the horoscope of many people and listening to the problems of the people, we get so much experience that what is the problem of most of the people. That’s why it matters that an experienced astrologer is consulted.

According to astrology, the environment of your family according to the nine planets

If there is Sun in the second house of the horoscope, then the atmosphere of the person’s house is royal and there is no place for old customs and rituals. This civilized and educated family is famous because of the Sun.

If the Moon is in the second house, then as the person grows up, his family goes on becoming prosperous. The atmosphere of the house is pleasant, but the members of the family keep fighting among themselves on very minor matters. Still, the atmosphere of the house is pleasant.

If Mars is in the second house, then the atmosphere of the native’s house does not calm down. This situation gets worse if Rahu, Shani or Ketu are also present here or those planets have an effect on the second house.

If Mercury is in the second house then the family of the person is full of selfish people.

If the Jupiter is in the second house, then the person belongs to a well-educated house. The atmosphere of the house is calm and aristocratic.

If Venus is in the second house then the environment of the person’s house is very advanced. The glimpse of new ideas is clearly visible on the interior of the house.

If Saturn is in the second house, then the family of the person is of backward views and old ideas. There are many prisoners in that house.

If Rahu is in the second house, then the atmosphere of the native’s family will not be as it appears.

If Ketu is in the second house, then the person’s house is inhabited by ghosts, demons or psychic powers.

The results of having more than one planet in the second house are different. Nevertheless, by looking at the horoscope of a person, it can be easily found out that what will be the environment of his house.

People take your home environment seriously
The second house of the birth chart reflects the environment of your home. Those who think that no matter how we live in our house, but by our activities and acting for a few days, no one will be able to recognize us for the bad atmosphere of our house.

This is a big misunderstanding. Which we can remove by looking at the second house of your horoscope.

Take help of astrology

The important thing is that you are going to get married, then you should be careful about your future, if there is something that should not happen, then it can be detected and remedied. With simple measures we can plan the future, of course, there are ways to make your future family happy because you have to do this in advance so there is no scope for dairy in it.

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