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Most of us have a dream of traveling or settling abroad for work and education. But not everyone gets success due to visa problems, homesickness, or money issues. 

Therefore, it is important to check your horoscope to know if you can settle overseas successfully or not. 

The planets in our horoscope impact our life events, including marriage, prosperity, and working abroad. 

Here are some astrological factors that tell if you will settle abroad or not. 

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12th house / 11th house = Your Financial position.

You need sufficient funds to get approval from the visa authorities as well as to live in another nation. 

Your 12th house represents a financial condition. If this house is weak, you will face financial problems which in turn affect your chances of settling abroad. A bad position or too much powerful 12th house means debt. Such a planetary position only helps if the 11th house is stronger than the 12th house.

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Sun in the 4th and 9th House:

If Sun is present in the 4th and 9th house, you shouldn’t move abroad without pleasing the sun first. The reason behind this is Sun gives Raja Bhang Yoga in the 4th house. You cannot live in one place for a long time. And abroad settlement is not for travel. If you want to go abroad, you will not like to roam from one to another country.

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Home Sickness & Abroad Settlement

In this scenario, the 2nd house is often analyzed. This house shouldn’t be associated with the earth’s planets. Otherwise, a person will be confined to his city. Many people I see who live in the native country whole life. Did you saw a person who was never gone outside 300 km from his hometown due to his retail shop?

Visa Refusal due to wrong direction

Once you get refusal you should really look at what planets are responsible for. In the first attempt, most of the people do not get their Visa Approval but sometimes some people get their Visa approved with limited effort. What is the reason? The reason is simple.

If you are trying to settle in the USA, Canada, Australia these countries are situated in the direction West.

Western planets like Saturn in your horoscope should not be associated with the sun that is the planet of the east. Otherwise, your visa will be rejected. You should apply for another nation visa. Or you can pacify your Sun. 

Abroad Settlement on Study Visa

5th house represents study. If this house has a negative planet, the chances of study abroad are low. You also need to confirm how much study is left in your fate. If your 5th house has no scope for further / higher education you should not try for a Study Visa. First, you must know Mars makes this house strong by aspect or by Situated here.

Planetary Position of Your Spouse/Family Members

If you want to go abroad with your partner, both of your planets must support each other. I have seen some examples when the husband was trying to go abroad with the help of his wife. But his wife’s planetary position was not strong enough. This sometimes caused the hard work of years and money loss also.

The Relation of Sun and Saturn

Can I go abroad if my Sun and Saturn are weak? Yes, you can. But your Saturn should be more powerful than your Sun. 

Possibility of Foreign Money in Your Fate

You also need to decide if going abroad is right for you or not. Will you earn a livelihood there? In this case, the 6th, 8th, and 12th houses are studied.

So these are some factors that determine your foreign settlement or journey abroad. Call us right away to know your chances.  

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