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Your Career in 2021 may have big changes due to planetary changes. How will be your career in 2021? The predictions by Guru Vedic Astrologers right here. According to the planetary positions, Jupiter will stay in Capricorn with Saturn in 2021. Rahu and Ketu will be situated in Taurus and Scorpio.

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How will be career in 2021? Career Predictions by GuruVedic

Aries Career predictions

For the whole year, people of Aries will be lazy and dissatisfied with their work experience. They will not feel like working while their financial condition will be weak. 

GuruVedic Predictions



Taurus Career predictions

The workload will be huge for Taurus, yet there will be opportunities for promotions. They should worship Saturn and take all astrological remedies. There are strong chances that they will have some great achievements. But their success will run parallel to their troubles in professional life. 

Gemini Career predictions

For Gemini people, the year will be filled with financial challenges. They will be spending on unnecessary things. There will be a disappointment when it comes to promotion. Even worse, they can lose their job and face business losses. Even they will have to struggle while living abroad. 

Cancer Career predictions

Cancer people will experience mixed results. Good thing is that new financial opportunities are waiting for them, though they won’t get them so quickly. The whole year will be great for them, and they have good chances of earning profits.

Leo Career predictions

For the Leo people, their biggest enemy will be from the one, where you are working. You don’t feel like working over there. However, you can outwit your enemies or you will settle for a compromise. The competitors will be in control, although you are advised to avoid taking new risks. If you are planning, you will have to work hard to get success. There is also a strong possibility of doing work away from hometown. You might be making more business trips which will be beneficial. 

GuruVedic Predictions



Virgo Career predictions

Virgo people should continue doing their job because they need to learn more before starting their own business. Besides, they will go through confusion and complications as well as there is a need to learn some business lessons from an experienced one. And whatever you will learn now will benefit you in the long run. 

There is no use in making long trips for a while unless you work on the basics of your business. Avoid doing marketing. Instead, focus on the performance and technical things. You need the right guidance because you will have to choose the right one between the two paths. 

Both paths are contradictory. That’s why seek the help of an experienced person who helps you. Taking the right step at the right time can benefit you. 

Virgo people can ask for consultation here. Discount guaranteed! 

Libra Career predictions

Libra people will go through deep troubles from everywhere. Opponents and competitors will try to dominate you from all sides. You won’t get time for yourself or indulging in pleasures. Your budget will be troubled by unnecessary spending. There will be no use in spending money on your hobbies or comfort. Neither is it the right time to buy a vehicle or home. 

For career advancement, the sage advice is to stay where you are now keeping your calm. Although there might be chances of going abroad, you might only end up with losses. This is not the right time to invest in the business as it will lead to a great loss. 

Scorpio Career predictions

Good times have come for Scorpio people! If you can control your expenses, then the whole year will be profitable. There will be some great trips, which will expand your business. It is the right time for marketing. You will have more shares in the partnership. Relatives and friends will be more supportive. It is the right time to withdraw or use deposited money.

Although the financial condition might not be sound, you will have a smooth year.  

Sagittarius Career predictions

Descending Sadhesaati can cause problems for Sagittarius people, especially in family matters. If your family matters trouble you, you will not be able to focus on business, so work on balancing the financial matters.

You will still be disturbed financially but will get relief. Rahu and Ketu will help you get victory over enemies. Try to save more as emergency expenses can destroy your wealth. 

GuruVedic Predictions



Capricorn Career predictions

Capricorn people will feel more workload than before. However, the work will remain the same but your ability to handle it will be reduced. Don’t rely on your luck as it can harm. Instead, do karma and make efforts to get success. Being worried about your family and beloved ones can lead to bad health. You will also tend to learn from others. Maybe you develop an interest in learning some skills. You can get cash windfall. Be faithful and God will help you. 

Aquarius Career predictions

There is double trouble for Aquarius people as there will be no relief this year. Your expenses will keep on increasing. Your profit in business due to high investment will be reduced. In fact, it will be challenging to survive in your job. All your planets are weak and inauspicious. So you need to stay patient and maintain your calm. Just overcome this phase as 2021 will be auspicious for you.

Pisces Career predictions

For Pisces people, the business situation will be better than before. Some new proposals or contracts will be achieved which will take your business to new heights. This way, you can fulfill your financial needs and associated long term problems. But take care of your health. You will get success whatever you do or start. In fact, your shortcomings and mistakes will work in your favor.

GuruVedic Predictions



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