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I have worked in IT in my life so I know how are the planets of a PHP developer and how is his horoscope. Many types of people work here in the software industry. I gained experience working with everyone from small to big. I was inclined towards astrology from the beginning and due to my interest in astrology since childhood, I worked for a limited time in the IT sector. When my work there was completed, I chose astrology as my profession.

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Now let’s talk about how the planets of a programmer are. After knowing this, you will at least have a rough idea about yourself. If you are a programmer you will come to know the astrological facts behind programming jobs.

software developer horoscope
Programming is a very complex task in which the quality of every single character depends on your entire code or the entire software. When it comes to subtlety, Saturn is the best.

Planet Saturn and programming

For complexity we choose Saturn. Now let’s talk about lifestyle. As far as my experience is concerned, people understand this is a white collar job, whereas I believe that every programmer works like a labour. His life is a service and he takes his hard work to the extent of a passion, do not call it hard mental labor. This is hard physical labor. Because not only your brain but most of your day is stuck in code yes physically.

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Their fun is when their logic works acheeved. They do this work every day for a discovery, but when do they get respect like a scientist for their discovery? We associate every kind of discovery or scientific work with more and more power of Saturn. The more influential Saturn is in your horoscope, the more discoveries you will be able to do.

Are you happy working with MNC?

Don’t say that you are happy working in MNC. The bigger the company, the more bonus work you get. Bonuses go to the big guys who prevent a group of developers for fighting among themselves or go against the company. Their real job is to take credit for their hard work and encourage them to ask other programmers to work harder. am I saying wrong?

PHP Programmers by astrology

PHP It is open source that anyone can claim, so it can be seen as public property. Saturn also has a monopoly on the public. People who work by stealing code of others are more in this field. The Saturn of such developers is weak. Those who believe in using their own invented code, their Saturn is more powerful. Only Saturn represents programming.

Venus and Saturn & Programming

Venus fills it with beauty. Your code will look much smarter and more beautiful. Most of the IT companies are luxurious, so where the interior is Venus, and where there is a deep search, there is Saturn. Saturn and Venus are associated with talented upper level programmers.

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Now let’s talk about experience.

1 to 2 years experience
It is the beginning of your life, this is the best time when there is no pressure on you. As becaus this is beginning there is no pressure on you by Saturn. Saturn gives results in the last degrees on its maturity.

3 years to 5 years experience
After this is the time of challenge. This is the time when you can lead a team on the strength of your talent. Only the one who makes progress in this time gets more opportunities ahead. Believe me, if your Saturn is good you will have highest level of success in programming or IT companies. You will be a tech-lead, project manageer or part of admin. If Saturn is good, you will be comfortable.

More than 5 years experience
If your experience is five years or more and you are still a developer then you need to show your horoscope as your growth is very slow.

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