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This is a very basic astrology rule that a manager always has Jupiter in power. After reading the horoscope of a manager you will find a couple of special things. We have read horoscope of HR Managers, General managers, Supervisors. What planet makes you such a successful manager? Let’s see what GuruVedic astrologer says.

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A manager is a person who handles things in an orderly manner and carries out a task with complete devotion and promptness. Thus a manager has an extra workload to look out for.  Such managers are found everywhere in every department. Every company needs a manager. We are going to tell here about what kind of planetary position one should have to become a manager. What kind of planetary person can be helpful to become a successful manager.

Horoscope Reading of a manager

Jupiter for Horoscope reading of a manager

Jupiter is the lord of wisdom and knowledge. Jupiter can make you a successful manager. If in your horoscope the Jupiter is not situated in a good position, if the position of Jupiter in your horoscope is weak, then you do not achieve a high position and if you get, you do not stay on it for long.

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How to find out Jupiter is strong or weak in your horoscope?  

First of all, for those who don’t know horoscope reading or do not have basic knowledge of astrology.

Since childhood, you will have identified weak and unskilled ignorant people in your surroundings. You will have the quality that you give instructions to those who do not have the ability to make decisions.

You will be surrounded by many people in your life. All people will respect you because of your knowledge and wisdom.

Keeping your things in a sequential manner, keeping your property and things well with others, exercising your authority, will be your habits that show that your Jupiter is strong in your horoscope.

If Jupiter is Strong in your horoscope

Whether you have a job or business, you know how to perform your responsibilities. You don’t have to think much to make big decisions. Due to your restraint and wisdom, aggressive and angry people will behave in peace in front of you. These are all signs of Jupiter being strong.

And if all this is true then you will not have to ask when you will become a manager, rather you will be working somewhere as a successful manager.

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Basics of astrology rules for a manager

Now let’s talk about those who have basic knowledge of astrology. Jupiter in your horoscope can be detected by looking at the Horoscope whether it is strong or weak. Shodashwargas can be studied for a deeper analysis. Shodashwargas are 16 types of sub-charts. Out of these 16 charts, if Jupiter is found powerful in most of the charts, Jupiter’s position will be determined. 

A most powerful planet can be given 5 points, so on a normal planet, we will give a single point. If in Ascendant Jupiter is exalted and in the D9 chart if Jupiter is debilitated then Jupiter will downgrade from number 5 to number one.

If Jupiter is situated with Rahu in your horoscope, If the aspect of Mars or Saturn is on Jupiter, then even after becoming a manager, obstacles in your life will cause troubles that will not allow you to stay long in the position. You may lose your position or you may have to struggle to retain your position of manager.

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