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We daily read horoscopes but reading a doctor’s horoscope is a very interesting experience. The same rules everywhere. When we read a doctor’s horoscope there are few things we find common in every doctor’s horoscope.

If you are doing MBBS or want to crack exams you must know your fate. Does your horoscope have the Yog to become a doctor? Continue reading because we are going to explain how a doctor’s horoscope looks like.

If you are in the medical field or if you want to become a doctor, Vedic astrology gives you some astrological combinations so you can choose your career as per the best of your destiny.

Will I become a doctor? What GuruVedic reserach says.

Mars + Saturn combination to become a doctor

To become a Doctor Mars and Saturn Placement is necessary. If your horoscope has one of these combinations, you can become a doctor or you can work in the medical field. All you need to learn the basics of what Vedic astrology says about a surgeon, doctor, physician.

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We receive a high volume of emails from various profession-based people. This helps us in the research of astrology. As per our experience, there are necessary things to become a doctor.

Mars is related to veins, blood, and surgery, injury. Saturn is related to the technical fields like scientists, specialists. Saturn is basically a specialist. A specialist can become a doctor. This profession takes time and a long time period is also related to Saturn. So Mars and Saturn mean Surgery and operations.

Then it comes to the role of native. What you will do in your career? What you will become. What efforts you will do for earnings. What will be the main source of your income? All these things we read in 10th house Drekkana Chart and 11th house, 8th house.

Not going extremely technical but the 8th house is more important because this is the house of deep research.

Research is a major part of a doctor’s horoscope

If 8th house planet has any connection with Mars + Saturn, the cal field will be your profession. If you have Mars and Saturn in the house you will be a successful doctor. Plus if your 10th house also has a connection with 8th house it’s superb. You will be a specialist.

Here I am giving some horoscopes of successful doctors.

You can analyze yourself. We cannot reveal the personal information of anyone. Just we can show you how a doctor’s horoscope could be.

Kundali of a successful doctor who is living in USA
This is horoscope of a doctor who is living in USA. 8th house has Mars + Saturn combination. The 8th house lord is situated in 8th itself. 6th and 12th lord is also there so this is a Negative Raj Yoga.
Horoscope of a successful doctor
This is a horoscope of a successful doctor who is a specialist. Mars and Saturn in self house but aspect on each other. Jupiter’s blessings makes it more effective.
Horoscope of a doctor
Another example of a successful doctor. 10th house lord is Marrs situated in 9th house. Big Raj Yoga and research house 8th planet Saturn situated in 6th house another negative Raj Yoga. Both Mars and Saturn are in Jupiter’s sign. Jupiter’s placement with Moon create another powerful Gaj Kesari Yoga.


When you read a doctor’s horoscope you should keep in mind this is a doctor who save lives. If you have planetary positions to become a doctor no one can stop you. You will become a doctor. But if you don’t have necessary planets you should hire an astrologer who can show you the right path. Do not read your horoscope yourself, you will be reading only positive things. If you like this post please share with your friends.

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