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Software is a vast field with a lot of job options. In the language of Vedic Astrology, we consider them modern technology-related field or communication & technology field. If you are looking for a career in the software or IT sector your horoscope must have reasons.

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Communication & technology is related to Mercury, Saturn plus Venus. In this post, I am going to share a variety of horoscopes of IT professionals, software developers, etc.

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Horoscope of a Software Engineer

This is a horoscope of a software engineer. He was working in an IT company for 3 years before having a job at a reputed MNC. Today, his annual salary package is over 10 lakhs with many perks. There are a couple of good things, Rahu keeps him away from his hometown, and Venus + Moon position is good for the Software field. The mercury

Horoscope of a well-settled person in an MNC

This horoscope belongs to a software developer in a multinational company based in the USA. After working for 4 years in India, she settled abroad with a lucrative package. 9th house lord Jupiter is connected with the lord of 8th house which is known for a job abroad. This is the only reason she is working abroad as a dot net software developer in a reputed MNC of the USA.

MNC job in horoscope. The horoscope of a person who is well settled in an MNC.

Horoscope of a PHP Software Engineer

This is a kundali of a digital marketing expert who has changed many jobs due to salary issues. This is because of her weak planetary positions causing troubles in her professional life. Are you facing the same problems? If so, you can call us now to find the astrological solution.

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