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What Does a Horoscope of a Top Footballer Look Like? Do you love football? Are you looking for a career in this sport? Clear the rest of your doubts by reading this post.

Football is the most popular sport in the world and is played in over 200 nations. Many top footballers become overnight sensation due to their performance and ability to win matches. 

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Have you ever wondered what differentiates these iconic footballers from the average one?

To understand this, here we will go through some key planetary positions of a world-class footballer. 

The 3rd house is important for any sportsperson. This is because it represents strength, stamina, intelligence as well as physical karma. Needless to say, these are the preliminary things to become a top footballer. 

Moon Sign for Dedication & Focus

The moon sign represents intelligence and dedication so that one can make smart decisions in the game. 

3rd house for potential & Teamwork

The 3rd house also stands for friends and teamwork. After all, teamwork plays important role in the success of a player. The success of many top footballers is owed to the performance of their teammates. If the lord is sitting in the 3rd house, a person becomes unbeatable and earns many achievements. 

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6th house for competitors

Likewise, the 6th house plays a vital role in the success of footballers or any other athletes. This house defines rivals, opposition, enemies, and competitors. 

In this horoscope, the 6th house is so strong that makes native get an edge over the competitors.

Top Footballer’s Horoscope

3rd and 6th house lord are situated in very strong position in ascendant. This is perfect planetary position to get success in sports. The horoscope relates to a top footballer of the world.

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If the 3rd house and 6th house lords are together, a player becomes dominant. However, this is quite a rare planetary position. 

Apart from that, a footballer needs to stay calm and composed, especially during high-intensity matches. In other words, one needs to hold patience and shouldn’t lose temper to get a hold of the game. Saturn is the planet of patience. 

It is said that Mars is important to become a good player but that is not always true. The conjunction of Mars and Mercury can make you either a player or a dentist. 

Can you tell the name of any top footballer who has such planetary positions in their horoscope? Or can you guess whose horoscope is this? 

Drop your opinion in the comment section below! 

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