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According to Vedic astrology, choosing the right subject is as important as choosing a career for the child. For the success of children, the right decisions must be taken at the right time so that your child can easily choose his own path later. What to do if you are born into a poor family? What to do to make progress quickly? How to make your child successful? In which task will the child succeed? These are some of the questions that we will analyze in this post. You do not even need basic knowledge of astrology to understand this article.

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Choosing Right Subject for your child as per Vedic Astrology - GuruVedic
Choosing Right Subject for your child as per Vedic Astrology – GuruVedic

Child’s perspective

The human point of view is most important because it is the beginning of progress. If your child is ambitious, it does not matter whether you were born in a poor family, in the middle class, or in a rich family. He will find his way on his own.

There will be a need for such parents who understand the movement of the planets and decide which subjects will be most suitable for the child. Because sometimes children born in rich families also remain dependent on parents for the whole age. This has been seen many times.

Let us now discuss which subjects will be important for the child according to Vedic astrology. In which subject your son will understand things quickly.

The subject choice for the child according to the Sun.

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If your child’s Sun is strong then surely your child will not like to work under anyone, as a symptom of this, you will see the following qualities in your child. Your child will be ambitious and will be able to play the role of a successful director. Your child will have administrative qualities. MBA or business-related subjects will be important for your child. Accordingly, get the child ready for his studies.

The subject choice for the child according to the Moon

If the moon is strong in your child’s horoscope, then your child will be more interested in arts, creativity, music, dance, etc. Its symptoms are maturity in an early age and 360-degree thoughts.

Its symptoms are efficiency in many tasks, knowing the mind, foresight, and psychic knowledge. If your child has this quality, inspire him for art, music, dance, acting, and entertainment-related tasks.

Strong mars and subject selection for child

If your child’s Mars is strong, then it will be his nature to take initiative and be at the forefront in any task. Its symptoms are leadership, zeal, passion, and dedication. Give proper education to your child for police army or navy and security related education. Fitness sports and politics, all these subjects will attract him.

Strong Mercury and Subject Selection

If your child’s Mercury is strong then his math will be tremendous. He will speak less and listen more. Logical speaking will be his quality. Give your child special education in the field of account and business. Motivate for the stock market, life insurance, and marketing sales, etc.

Strong Jupiter and Subject Selection

If Jupiter is strong, the child will talk like elders, feel the responsibilities, will have satisfaction and reasoning, and will take interest in science, will engage in religious works. Your child can become a successful manager, teacher administrator, or gazetted officer. Such a child will not let anyone win in the debate, so the lawyer or court-related work will be more suitable for him.

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Subject selection with strong Venus

If your child’s Venus is strong then he will pay more attention to his look from childhood. He will try to be stylish He will be active in dance and other entertainment-related actions. Your child can become a good graphic designer or artist, illustrator. It will progressively increase its efficiency. Provide appropriate education to such a child for fashion art entertainment garments or beauty related works.

Subject choice from the Strong Saturn

If your child’s Saturn is dominant, it will be his habit to check the technique in a toy or a machine and show more interest in technical tasks. He will be interested in programming and research. You can inspire your child to become a computer professional or engineer.

Choosing a right subject for the child if Rahu is strong

If your child’s Rahu is more powerful, then to save money, to give a surprise, trying to understand the difficult tasks will be his main qualities. It would be logical to teach such a child to share market finance, film industry journalism and science and intelligence education.

If Ketu powerful, right subject for your child

If your child’s Ketu is stronger then he will be more friendly with the friends who are older and awkward. Will take more interest in electricity-related works. He will be more interested in astrology, occult, and deep science. You will find out late about his achievements. It would be logical to teach such children in intelligence, religion, literature and biology environment and astrology, etc.


The above facts are based on our own experience in which due to circumstances a change is possible. It is true that every child has his own planets but sometimes more than one planet is strong, at that stage it is necessary to see what the child will do in the future if more than one planet is active for his career. Consult for more information and ensure a bright future for your child.

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