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Not all people have their horoscope. This is because their birth time and date are unknown to them. The horoscope or birth-chart is solely created based on one’s birth time and date. 

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With a horoscope, an astrologer can predict many events, whether they are good or bad, as well as suggest remedies accordingly. 

Predictions without time of birth

Is birth date essential to make astrological predictions? 
Not necessarily. 

Read on this blog to find out how we can make astrology predictions and suggest remedies without preparing horoscopes.

How We Predict without Horoscope at GuruVedic

GuruVedic Predictions



Predictions with Palmistry

We come across several clients who don’t know the date and time of their birth. In this scenario, we use palmistry. In this method, we take the imprint of your both hands. We study it and then make a prediction which can take some time.  

Generally, we look for the “mountains” and lines in your palms as well as examine the shape of your fingers and bracelet lines (ManibandhaRekha). This is a detailed topic that will be discussed in upcoming blogs. 

Predictions with Counseling

Counseling is the second method used by us to predict without a horoscope. In this method, you are asked some questions. It also involves the date of important life events as well as the study of associated planets. 

For example, we can ask you about a couple of your favorite colors, sports, subject, and interests. It helps us know the planet that has the biggest impact on your life. We study the results and associated elements of that planet in your life. 

GuruVedic Predictions



The benefic (positive) and malefic (negative) planets are also determined by the following methods:

If Sun is not good

Your hair is useful to determine the strength of the sun in your life. If you have dense hair, then your sun is strong. If you are facing premature baldness, then your sun is weak and you are less likely to have the blessing of your father. It also means that your sun is affected by negative planets. Bone weakness and low confidence also point towards a weak sun. 

If Moon is not favorable

If the moon is weak, then you might have a struggling childhood. You might have a narrow escape from the death caused by childhood injury or disease. A skinny body is also a key indicator to determine the condition of the moon. 

If Mars is not favorable

By looking at the color of your face, it can be told if Mars is auspicious or inauspicious. Also, the color of the hands tells whether your Mars is strong or weak.

If Mercury is not favorable

Weak Mercury can be determined by the structure of your teeth. If you have any skin problems, then your Mercury is weak.

If Jupiter is not favorable

If Jupiter is weak then the body remains unformed but if you are fit then it does not mean that Jupiter is strong. If Jupiter is weak in your horoscope then you will have stomach ailments and if it is strong then you have a good digestive system. 

If Venus is not favorable

The strength of Venus in your horoscope is determined by your dressing style and behavior. Some people don’t look good even in new clothes. This is because of the weakness of Venus. If Venus is low then the native looks very ordinary. If it is high then the native looks impressive.

GuruVedic Predictions



If Saturn is not favorable

If Saturn is weak then its symptoms are visible on the body which is difficult to describe. For example, there might be a scar on the foot, or your way of walking will be strange.

If your Saturn is strong in the horoscope, then you will have an attractive and impressive voice that can influence others as soon as you start to speak. Despite being rich, your standard of living and style will be simple but impressive.

Your character also tells you whether your Saturn is strong or weak.

If Rahu is not favorable

If Rahu is strong in your horoscope, then it can be easily detected by your gestures. Those who have weak Rahu seem very restless. Those who have strong Rahu are confident and have a mysterious smile on their face. They have good communication skills as they can explain things in very few words. Saying the right thing at the right time or using proper phrases such as idioms etc. shows that your Rahu is very strong.

If Ketu is not favorable

It is quite challenging to predict about Ketu. However, the pimples and pigmentation anywhere on the body can tell about the condition of Ketu. The key characteristic of Ketu’s impact is that a native is not straightforward. 

If they have to ask something, then they put forward their query in such a way that you are eager to answer them. Moreover, their activities have some hidden “things” in them. 

(Disclaimer: Here we have listed only a few principles as more information cannot be given due to some complications. Many means appear immediately when they are required. Astrology is a study and progressive skill as well, requiring one to practice rather than relying on limited means. )

So you must have understood how we can make accurate astrological predictions without a horoscope. Get in touch now! 

GuruVedic Predictions



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