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The planetary position on 1 March is given below.  Change of Planetary position after 01 March I tell you how the March month of 2021 will be for the people of all the 12 zodiac signs. Looking at the position of the planets at the beginning of this month, it cannot be said very good. Mars is in Taurus with Rahu. Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury are in Capricorn. Sun, Venus is situated in Aquarius; at first glance, it seems that Rahu is good in Taurus. Saturn is good in its own zodiac sign Capricorn. Venus is good in the zodiac sign Aquarius of its friend.

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However, if we look carefully then we can understand Mars with Rahu is not good. The presence of Jupiter in its debilitated sign with Saturn is not very auspicious. The presence of the Sun along with Venus in the zodiac sign of the enemy planet is not at all good. This planetary position is going to spoil the works at the final stage. Looking at the position of planets, it will feel like everything is going well, but in the last moments, there will be an obstacle in the work. This is going to happen to all zodiac signs.

Aries Predictions January 2021

Aries Predictions

The people of Aries are having a good time. According to the planets, you will be full of confidence in the month of March. Be it in the job or in the business, your income will increase. Students will take interest in their studies. However, in the last week of the month, your expenses will suddenly increase.

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Taurus Predictions January 2021

Taurus Predictions

Looking at the planetary position in the month of March, there is a strong possibility of progress in your place of work. You may definitely get the promotion, incremental if you are in a job. Time is also good for businesspersons. It is a need of the hour for the people of Taurus that they should take care of their health; otherwise, they may fall ill at any moment in this month. According to planetary position, there are also chances of going abroad.

Gemini Predictions January 2021

Gemini Predictions

According to the planetary position in the month of March, the people of Gemini need to be conscious of their health. You are being advised to control your anger. Those who are married should take care and should listen and understand their life partner carefully. Otherwise, differences may arise without any concrete reason in their conjugal life. The month of March is no doubt good for the jobbers but businessmen are being advised not to take the risk.

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Cancer Predictions in January 2021

Cancer Predictions

According to the planetary position, people of Cancer should spend the time in the month of March with utter care. Those who do the job will have to work carefully in their workplace.  Although your confidence will remain, there is a possibility of rising tension in marital life. There are chances of bitterness in the love life of unmarried people that may turn the shape of dispute, quarrel.

Leo Predictions January 2021

Leo Predictions

The planetary position is indicating that the time is favorable for you in March. Your health will remain good. There are chances of getting profit, money both in the job and in business. The students of the Leo zodiac will continue to study and achieve success in the competition.

Virgo Predictions January 2021

Virgo Predictions

According to the planets, the beginning of the month will be very good. You will get success in everything. This will increase your confidence. However, after the 15th of the month, the circumstances will change when the planets change. Therefore, you are being advised to do every task thoughtfully, especially at the end of the month. It will be better that you take the decision according to the advice of your experienced family members.

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Libra Predictions January 2021

Libra Predictions

The planetary position suggests that the time is favorable for you in the month of March. This month is going to be a great time for you, but still, you are being advised to take some precautions. Disputes may arise due to lending money to friends or relatives in a moment of great happiness. Therefore, our advice to you is to avoid lending to anyone.

Scorpio Predictions January 2021

Scorpio Predictions

The planetary position is indicating that the atmosphere in your family is very pleasing. Your family is happy with you. However, on the contrary, at your workplace, whether job or business, the situation remains tense. At such a time, you have to keep in mind that this atmosphere should not affect your domestic life. When you reach home in the evening, leave your office tension and problems in the office. There is no need to worry, as all these problems will gradually go away at the end of the month.

Sagittarius Predictions January 2021

Sagittarius Predictions

The March month is very good according to planets. You will have good health. If you are in business then you may definitely have benefits. If you work in the stock market, then there are chances of getting profit. If you are on the job, you will get your stuck promotion or increment this month. If you want to start a new business, then time is good for it. The planetary position is so good that all your enemies will remain suppressed during this time.

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Capricorn Predictions January 2021

Capricorn Predictions

According to planets, time is favorable for you. However, this does not mean that you start doing things arbitrarily. You will get the benefit of good times only if you take everyone with you and decide with everyone’s consent. This will apply equally to jobs, businesses, and homes. You should keep in mind that your enemies will try to take advantage of your mistakes. However, they are not going to get any success in this. But take utmost care that there is no mistake from you. You will be benefited throughout the month.

Aquarius Predictions January 2021

Aquarius Predictions

The month of March is favorable according to the planetary position. You are being advised to take advantage of favorable times. Do not act carelessly, which will benefit your enemies. Avoid the debate in the family; otherwise, you will have mental stress. Monetary profit will remain normal.

Pisces Predictions January 2021

Pisces Predictions

The planetary position is indicating that you may have some financial troubles. Therefore, you are being advised to consider your expenses carefully. With extravagance, you will only create problems for yourself. You should be aware of your health because according to planets, your health is likely to deteriorate.

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