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Namaskar, to all esteemed readers from Astrologer Ashok Kumar. Through the article presented, I am going to tell you the planetary position of the planets on the first of every month in the year 2021. I will also tell you the effect of the planetary position on every zodiac throughout the month. If a planet changes its zodiac sign in the middle of the month, after the first, then I will also give you information about it. I want to make it clear that this monthly horoscope belongs to General Nature, if a person wants to know specifically about himself, then he will have to contact me for this. On the specific request, I also prepare monthly & annual predictions. Any person can contact me for this personalized annual or monthly prediction.

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The planetary position on 1 July is given below. 

PlanetZodiac SignPlanetZodiac SignPlanetZodiac Sign
SunGemini Cancer 16JuneMarsCancer Leo  20 JulyRahuTaurus
VenusCancer Leo17 JulyJupiterAquariusMercuryTaurus Gemini 07 July Cancer 25 July

I tell you how the July month of 2021 will be for the people of all the 12 zodiac signs. The position of the planets in the beginning of this month may be said to be normal, but in the mid of July, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars will come together in Cancer. When four or more planets congregate in any one zodiac sign, it has a great impact on each one of us. Its effect on all zodiac signs in July will be as follows.

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Aries Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Aries Accurate Predictions July 2021

The month of July will be good for the people of Aries, as the lord of the zodiac Mars is with Venus. This will be a great time for young people. For those who do business, time is good, they will get the profit and expand the business. Sun in Gemini will create a very good time for career. It is indicating the possibility to change career. Saturn’s presence in Capricorn will increase income. Time will be good for the students. You may also get stuck money. Health will be good.  But in the last week of the month, the Aries people who are in job should take extra care.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Taurus Accurate Predictions July 2021

This month is not good for you according to planets. Your love life, whether married or unmarried, is likely to be disturbed. You should cautious because there is something that you might be infamous. You may stuck into any legal dispute. Students will have to work hard but still they will not get the desired results. Unmarried people who are trying for marriage will face obstacles. A close relative or friend may cheat you, so be careful in the month of July. I will suggest that the people of Taurus should be cautious in this month.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Gemini Accurate Predictions July 2021

The month of July is going to be with mixed fruits for Gemini people. If you remain little cautious, then it will be good for you, otherwise the business people may get a loss in business. Those who do job will face many types of problems and there will be obstacles due to differences with the higher officer. Do not trust anyone too much. Try to maintain a better relationship with your colleagues. There are signs of success in love relationships. This month is good for your love and relationship. You will also get support from the family. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family. If there is a legal issue going on then there are chances that you may get defeat in it, you have to be very careful.

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Cancer Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Cancer Accurate Predictions July 2021

According to the position of planets, you will get mixed results in this month. You will have a happy family life and will spend a great time in your family. You will get the support of your wife, children and parents. All of your worries will go off. You will be very happy but on the contrary, there are signs of loss in business. If you do business then don’t take any new risk. Do not make any new investment. People who do job, they may have differences with their higher officials. Youmay be given more work or you may appointat a place where workload may increase. So be careful. Do not argue with anyone.

Leo Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Leo Accurate Predictions July 2021

As per the planetary position, your married life will be good and you will enjoy a lot in your family, will spend the time together. Those who are young will get success in forming new love relationships. Those who do business should be careful otherwise they may have to incur losses. Time is also not suitable for those who do job. You are advice to pay special attention towards your work at this time and make no mistake. Do not show any kind of carelessness. Because according to planets, if you make a mistake at this time, you may be in the problem.  According to planets, this time is not favorable for you and there are chances of getting failure more. You may stuck in any legal dispute.  On the Health front also, you may face problems. Take special care about your food habits otherwise you may have a stomach problem.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Virgo Accurate Predictions July 2021

The month of July can be said very good for the people of Virgo signs, because the presence of Sun & Mercury in the Gemini sign will give you success in all your tasks. Month time is good for the businessmen, traders. Stars are indicating that they will get success and huge profit in business. Those who do jobs will also get success in their work. My advice is – just keep working hard, you will get good results of your hard work. You should maintain good relations with your high officials, you will remember this good month. Mars and Venus in Cancer will be very good for youngsters, especially for those who are in love. There are signs of success in love affairs. At the end of this month, the presence of four planets in Cancer is good for you, you will gain money and health will also be good.

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Libra Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Libra Accurate Predictions July 2021

According to planets, this month will be normal for the people of Libra. If you take a little care, you may get better results in this month. July month will be good for businessmen but on the contrary, time is a bit struggling for those who do job. Because of temperament in nature, you may have failure in work consequently face the resentment of higher officials. So be patient, keep doing your work quietly. You will have a good family life. Due to favorable Venus and Mars, young people will get success in love relationships. Do not trust anyone blindly. You may get betrayal. There are chances of monetarybenefit, time is good as far as money is concerned. But at the same time, last week of the month is not good for health. Take care on your food habits.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Scorpio Accurate Predictions July 2021

The month of July is good for Scorpio people. People who do business will get a lot of profit. Those people who do job, time is very good for them also. There are indications from the stars that they are getting promotion, otherwise they will definitely get increment. You may be given new responsibilities. You keep working hard; no doubt, you will touch the new heights. Whether you do work or business, you are advised not to trust anyone because someone close to you may cheat you. For this reason, you may have to face mental anguish. Time is right for the youth because they will get success in love affairs. Time is good for those also who are in love relationship. The chances of the monetary benefit is also visible. Time is good for health; time is not very good for students. Work hard by focusing on studies, only then you will achieve the favorable results.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Sagittarius Accurate Predictions July 2021

The July month will be full of tension for Sagittarius people. Those who do job, they will have to pay attention to their field of work. You have to work hard and try to do the work on time. Because, stars are indicating that even if you work hard, there is no possibility of getting good results. The planets are indicating the sign of negative fruits. A trusted person may betray you. Month of July will not be good for businessmen also. They should avoid taking new risk. But you are likely to get benefit from investments made earlier. Time is good for family. You will spend a great time in your family. At the end of the month, you have a chance of getting wealth. There are chances of getting sudden monetary benefit.

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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Capricorn Accurate Predictions July 2021

According to the planets, July is going to be very good. Due to the presence of Saturn in ascendant, you will continue to get full monetary benefits. With the presence of Sun in Gemini & Cancer, you will get the appreciation from the higher officials. Time is very good for businessmen. You may work on business expansion plans. But be little cautious, don’t trust anyone too much. You will continue get the profit. Health will be fine. Time is very good for the students, keep working hard. You will get a pleasant result of your hard work.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Aquarius Accurate Predictions July 2021

The month of July is very good for Aquarius people. Because Saturn, the lord of this zodiac, is constantly auspicious for you. Because of this you will continue get benefit. There are chances of promotion in career and business. It is a good time for business people. Your business will grow. Your works, which were pending, may complete in this month. This month is also good for the job doing people but they will have to be conscious of their work. Do your work on time. Time is also looking good for family. You will get full support from your family at this time. Peace and harmony will remain in the family. Time is favorable for students. You may get good results.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope July 2021

Pisces Accurate Predictions July 2021

The time in the month of July is not good for Pisces people. There will be a fluctuating time for those who do job. Meanwhile tension will remain during the full month. You have to be careful and cautious at this time. However, the month is normal for businessmen. You are getting benefit in your business but do not start any new work at this time. Do not take any risk. Time is good in terms of money. The time is good for married people. Take care of your health; it seems due to any carelessness, you may fall ill.

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