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Looking for accurate predictions? Here are your monthly horoscope predictions for January 2021 & I am going to tell you the planetary position of the planets on the first of every month in the year 2021. I will also tell you the effect of the planetary position on every zodiac throughout the month. If a planet changes its zodiac sign in the middle of the month, after the first, then I will also give you information about it. I want to make it clear that this monthly horoscope belongs to General Nature, if a person wants to know specifically about himself, then he will have to contact me for this. On the specific request, I also prepare monthly & annual predictions. Any person can contact me for this personalized annual or monthly prediction.

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Monthly Horoscope Predictions January 2021
Accurate Predictions of January 2021

The planetary position on 1 January is given below-

01 January 2021 Planets

AriesMarsLeo SagittariusSun, Mercury
TaurusRahuVirgo CapricornJupiter, Saturn
Gemini Libra Aquarius 
Cancer ScorpioVenus, KetuPisces 

Change of Planetary position after 01 January 2021

SagittariusVenus    04 JanuaryCapricornMercury 05 January Sun         14 JanuaryAquariusMercury 25 January

The effect of this planetary position on all the 12th zodiac sign will be as follows:-

Aries Predictions January 2021

Aries Predictions

As par the planetary position, the Aries people will get success from all sides. Those who are in the job may get a promotion and they will have more rights than before at their workplace. The month will be full of enjoyment with your family members. There will be prosperity in your family due to an increase in income. You will spend on auspicious tasks. Along with this, there are chances of a journey this month, which will be auspicious.

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Taurus Predictions January 2021

Taurus Predictions

Looking at the planetary position this month, I advise you to stay away from disputes, quarrels, arguments, etc. Due to the influence of planets, you will be full of anger and ready to explode at trivial issues. You will feel yourself hot but I advise you to avoid getting angry unnecessarily. At the end of the month, You will see that there were repeated occasions when you got angry for no reason, if you control yourself, then your time is going to be good.

Gemini Predictions January 2021

Gemini Predictions

If you were ill, the position of the planets is indicating that you will get health benefits and you will become healthy gradually. But it does not mean that you start playing outside. Still you need to be careful and control your eating habits otherwise there are chances that your health issue may come back. If you do not do this, you may fall ill again. In addition, I advise you not to consume any kind of intoxicating substance; otherwise, you may definitely become the victim of many problems.

GuruVedic Predictions



Cancer Predictions in January 2021

Cancer Predictions

This month is very auspicious for you according to the planetary position. You will get good news from the Court. If any legal dispute was pending before the court, then its decision may come in your favor. If you were worried due to any loan, debt, then you will get relief from this debt this month. There are chances of promotion in the job and people who do business will get benefits in business.

Leo Predictions January 2021

Leo Predictions

According to the planets, there are chances of travel, journeys for you this month. This trip will be beneficial for you. I advise you to keep control of yourself because someone may scuffle with you without any reason, which may be harmful to you. So keeping this in mind keep your behavior restrained.

Virgo Predictions January 2021

Virgo Predictions

GuruVedic Predictions



I advise you to control your food habits for the entire month. Because according to planets, your health is likely to get deteriorate in this month. Planets are indicating that you will get money, but you will not able to save it as the expenses will be very high. Whether you are in a job or business, this month you are going to get a good profit.

Libra Predictions January 2021

Libra Predictions

The stars are indicating that there will be peace in your family this month. You will have a great time. You will be happy with your siblings. But there is a possibility that your health may deteriorate, so in this happy environment, control your food, and be cautious.

Scorpio Predictions January 2021

Scorpio Predictions

The planetary position indicates that January month is going to be very auspicious for you. Whether you are in a job or in business, you will gain a lot of monetary benefits. Auspicious & religious functions will organize in your house. You will be very happy because you will get good news from both your wife and children.

Sagittarius Predictions January 2021

Sagittarius Predictions

The planets are indicating that if you were sick for some time, then your health will improve this month. However, this improvement is only in the case of health and not in economic matters. Because there are no signs of any improvement in money related matters. The economic situation will remain the same. There is no doubt that you will get income but at the same time, your expenses will also high. I advise you to avoid dispute, it seems that someone may quarrel with you without any reason and chances of loss to your side.

GuruVedic Predictions



Capricorn Predictions January 2021

Capricorn Predictions

The first month of the year 2021 is very good for you. All your works, which were stuck, will complete in this month. Whether it is stuck money or stuck promotion or any other matter, you will see them, be completed in your favor. You will feel the improvement in your health. Auspicious works will be organized in your house throughout the month. After a long time, you will meet old friends and relatives. Happiness will be showered upon you from all sides. You will also get the monetary benefit.

Aquarius Predictions January 2021

Aquarius Predictions

You will organize religious functions. This month, you will keep your mind in worship, meditation. Any work that was pending for a long time will be completed this month. You will see the continuous flow of guests in your house. Your health will also be good. If you were ill, you would be cured. However, I advise you to avoid traveling.

Pisces Predictions January 2021

Pisces Predictions

According to the planets, I want to tell you that this month is going to be very good for you. You will gain money. Health will improve. You will get success in your job, gain in business. If you are worried about something, I advise you to leave that worry. Because you were working on a plan, you will complete the same. The only caution required is to beware of hidden enemies.

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