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Planetary position and monthly horoscope is as follows.

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Namaskar, to all esteemed readers from Astrologer Ashok. Through the article presented, I am going to tell you the planetary position of the planets on the first of every month in the year 2021. I will also tell you the effect of the planetary position on every zodiac throughout the month. If a planet changes its zodiac sign in the middle of the month, after the first, then I will also give you information about it. I want to make it clear that this monthly horoscope belongs to General Nature, if a person wants to know specifically about himself, then he will have to contact me for this. On the specific request, I also prepare monthly & annual predictions. Any person can contact me for this personalized annual or monthly prediction.

Accurate Prediction of February 2021

The planetary position on 1 February is given below. 

AriesMarsLeo Sagittarius 
TaurusRahuVirgo CapricornSun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn
Gemini Libra AquariusMercury
Cancer ScorpioKetuPisces 

Change of Planetary position after 01 February

AquariusVenus   21FebruaryCapricornMercury 04February VakriAquariusSun  12 February
TaurusMars 22 February    

The month of February is considered special in many ways. It is special because this month has 28 days. Besides 28 days it is special in the year 2021, because on the 10th and 11th of this month, there will be 6 planets together in Capricorn. This is a rare astronomical and special astrological event. This rare yoga will have far-reaching consequences. Now I tell you what kind of February month of 2021 will be for the 12 zodiac signs.

GuruVedic Predictions




Half of February month i.e. from 1stto till 14thwill be very good for you. You will feel that everything is happening according to your wish. But after 14 February the circumstances will be completely opposite. Therefore you are advised not to take any kind of risk whether you are running a business or in a job. Those, who are eligible for marriage and are looking for a suitable life partner may get the desired one in the month of February.

GuruVedic Predictions




According to the planets, the first half of the month is not favorable for you. You are well acquainted with the fact that that we should be careful while time is not favorable. I would like to advise you to keep all the important decisions in abeyance for some time. I advise you to be gentle in your nature and control your anger. Try to control your expenses, don’t spend more. However, there is nothing to worry too much, since the situation will change after the 15thand time will start to suit you.


The planets are indicating that the month of February is not good for you. Circumstances are not favorable; your hidden enemies may harm you. Therefore, I advise you to avoid hasty action and hasty quick decision. Do not quarrel with anyone after hear something from someone. In the last week of February, you are likely to gain money. If any of your work was pending then that too will completed.


According to planets in the month of February, time is not good for you at all. But always remember that time is never bad, in fact, all you need is caution. Therefore, you are being advice to be careful. Avoid all kind of dispute while doing any work; otherwise, you may have to suffer loss. The opposite time means that you should introspect and find your mistakes. It is possible that you do not want to quarrel with anyone but person from opposite side may quarrel with you. Once again, i advise you to spend time with judiciousness keeping in mind the situation.


As the planets are indicating that, the month of February is auspicious for you. According to the planetary position that you will get the best results of your hard work in this month. If you are doing a job, you may get a reward for your outstanding work. There is also the possibility of getting special honors. You will be in good health. Overall, we can say that this month will be very well spent.

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February month is good for you according to planetary position but despite this you need to take some precautions. You should avoid mental stress otherwise health may deteriorate. The best solution is not to argue with anyone in vain. Because a dispute arises from the debate. You will fall under mental stress in case of a dispute. If you are going to do any land related work in this month, then undoubtly you will get the success.


According to planets, this month is going to be full of mixed results for you. You may be upset from enemies, they will give you tension. Therefore, you are being advice to avoid debate. Do not get angry. The most important thing to keep in mind is not to take any quick decision in anger. Time will be fine if you take this precaution.


According to the planets, this month is good for you. You were working hard for a long time but not getting favorable results. Now because the planets are favorable to you, you will get the full results of your hard work in the month of February. With this, these results will exceed your expectation. You will succeed in defeating your opponents, enemies. Don’t worry, time will be great.


According to the planets, you need to be a little careful in the month of February. Because planets are indicating that, you may lose money. The most important thing, the enemies who may harm you are not outsiders, they may be acquaintances, may be your relatives or your partners. Therefore, you have to be careful. Do not trust anyone easily. Maintain an atmosphere of peace in your family. Avoid screaming and shouting unnecessarily otherwise, it can spoil your health. If you keep patience in all circumstances then everything will be fine.


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The planets are telling that you are busy. You will busy in this month too but busyness actually brings happiness and wealth too. For the people of Capricorn, it seems that there is no shortage of money and you will get money from more than one source. As I told you, you will be busy, you will be busy socializing with friends, busy serving & dining with relatives. Your time will spend in hospitality of guests. Time will be great.


The planets are telling that you are going to get success in the month of February. You did not get this success easily. Remember, you had to work very hard for this. Now time will be good for you. The problems may arise but you will easily overcome them very intelligently and easily. You will also get money in this month but you will spend a lot on shopping. Overall, we can say that the month is going to be good for you.


The planets are indicating that no one can bother you because you create problems for yourself. Therefore, you are being advice to keep your focus on your goal. Remember, the goal is not far from you, you will definitely achieve it anytime. Just continue your efforts. You are going to get success; there is no doubt about it. You will get satisfaction in this month with good results. You will have monetary benefit, health will remain good. The month is going to be good.

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