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What you will get in Abroad Prediction by GuruVedic Astrologers.

  • Chances of abroad in your horoscope. Yes or No.
  • When you will go abroad?
  • Which country is the best?
  • When is a good time?
  • What are the solutions to go abroad?
  • How is the next  5 years  10 Years by Career?
  • Or you can ask your own questions.

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Going abroad and settling over there are two different things. Some people are neither able to go abroad nor settle over there.  

It is common to see the long queue for applying for a foreign trip for business or residence. And it is equally true that not all people get success in their efforts to go abroad despite their all documentation and qualification. 

Therefore, it is important to check your horoscope for the scope of a foreign trip or settling over there. 

2nd House of Horoscope & Abroad Settlement

From the astrological point of view, the second house of the horoscope belongs to your own family. When you go abroad, you have to move away from the family. If the second house of your kundali is suffering from negative planets, you will have less attachment towards your family. And this is what creates the possibility for your abroad trip or residence. This is because you won’t feel homesick and can easily adjust over there. 

In the same way, the fourth house of the horoscope belongs to your house, in which you live for a long time. It is not necessary that you may have stayed in your family house; you may have to live on rent or have to live abroad in some way. The ninth house is also checked as it is the house of a long journey. 

The more planets outside the centre and triangle locations in your horoscope, the longer you can live abroad. 

How we analyze your horoscope for abroad

Many people ask us about the chances of their foreign trip or abroad residence. This is easy for us to do as we are familiar with the planetary position. Therefore, we can tell you whether you will settle abroad or not. 

If you have a chance of settling in abroad, then when will that yoga be formed? 

For this calculation, we check your horoscope for Vinshottari and Yogini Dasha as well as current planetary positions. 

Although it depends on your profiles which country you will settle in, it can be found from the third, sixth, eighth, 11th and 12th house of your horoscope. 

Whether you will get loss or profit by going abroad, we will check that based on your existing planets. 

Some people are conned or cheated by fake agents. That’s why we also check the yoga for fraud in your kundali. 

While you can independently choose your career and preparation for foreign travel, you should approach us for your abroad prediction. 

What more you will get in your abroad prediction report

We do a minimum of 5 years of finance and career assessment from your horoscope so that you get a personalized report suggesting a time for profit and loss.

We will also guarantee value for money. We are sure that you will feel the expense of kundali reading worth it as you read your report. After all, you should know what will happen to you as you go abroad. 

And if luck doesn’t favour you, then its solutions are also mentioned in the report, yet if you have questions that are worth asking, we will answer them.

And this report only cost you INR 1750/-. That’s nothing compared to your future abroad. Right? It will take 1 and a half hour to prepare this report. 

Our astrologers are your reliable expert for abroad settlement and you can count on our expertise.